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Year 8 Curriculum Newsletter Term 2
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Year 8 Timetable
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Year 8 Homework Timetable
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In English this term students will focus on text analysis, inference, and developing writing skills. Student will also be looking at how to write cohesive stories - focusing on the use of characterisation, metaphors and other key skills to enhance their writing skills.


This half term students have learnt place value, ordering and rounding, expressions and formulae moving on to congruency and measures and motion. 


Students have been learning about organ systems; the digestive system, the circulatory system and the respiratory system. The students made 3D models of the digestive system in groups and also made posters on the different systems they know.

They also have been been learning about plants; what makes plants grow? the early studies in plant life and the current studies. they have learnt about photosynthesis and how plants take up minerals and water from the soil. Below, the students were studying root systems, root hairs and how roots help the plant to grow.


In ICT, we are learning a bout `Public information systems, cloud computing and document production. it has been a wonderful start of the term. students enjoyed producing their portfolio by capturing images using the camera and uploading in word.   


This term Year 8 have been discovering the great exploration routes of the world and the most daring explorers in history.


In this term students focused on varied aspects of international tourism, looking at how tourism, culture and natural disasters affect the tourism market. We also looked at the historical development and rise of tourism and how this has economically affected countries around the world.

Religious Education

In this term students looked at religious text and how they are used, we also studied pilgrimages and the importance of this looking particularly at religions like Islam..


This term students have been introduced to the past tense in French to describe different activities


Art is an expression of Life. This term in Art we will learn more about Architecture and Design. Design is not only the expression of creativity but how the design is functioning to its environment. We will learn to design and create Architectural Structures.


This term in music we will focus on genres of music and how one piece of music differentiates from the next. Focusing on the music that develops in relationship to culture in that time period.

Life Skills

During Life skills, year 8 have been learning about the different types of bullying (including cyber bullying). 



In Swimming after confidence is developed we focus on developing strokes. This term we will focus on endurance. Allowing students to find the pace that works for their heart rate.