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Year 8 Curriculum Newsletter and Timetables Term 3
Year 8 curriculum newsletter term 3.pdf
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In English this term students will focus on text analysis, inference, and developing writing skills. Student will also be looking at how to write cohesive stories - focusing on the use of characterisation, metaphors and other key skills to enhance their writing skills.


students have been learning sequences, data presentation and analysis.


Students have been learning about speed and sound. the pictures below shows Mr.  Patrick I. Nguluwe a student teacher from MUBAS helping the students analyze sound waves using computers. 


In ICT , Third term we are learning a bout `Spreadsheet modelling, cloud computing and document production. it has been a wonderful start of the term. students enjoyed producing their own budgets using excel. being E safety month they are also practicing different activities to be done on E safety day.


This term Year 8 have been discovering the great exploration routes of the world and the most daring explorers in history.


In this term students focused on Population, looking at how population change, culture and natural disasters affect Population change. We also looked at the historical development and rise of tourism and how this has economically affected countries around the world.

Religious Education

In this term students looked at what makes something right, The golden rule, The moral dilemma, How to solve the moral dilemma and why forgiveness is important.


This term students have been doing role plays, presentations on the immediate future tense, past tense, school instructions, making a reservation of a youth hostel and buying and selling food.


In this terms art forms we have explored the use of natural materials such as clay and wood. We have began to work with carvings and have seen examples of artist who have worked with their environments to create something beatiful. 


Music in year 8 this term has been about creating sounds and finding rhythm within a pattern of those sounds. The heart beat has allowed us to learn our pacing in between different sounds within the classroom. 

Life Skills

During term 3, The students focused on topics such as , Whose problem, different life styles,a multicutural community, pressure groups, living in the community.


In PE this term we have found an ability to keep up with our pace. Regrounding our ability to steady our heart rate after intense workouts. This known as cardio performance and how the increasing our ability to have functional heart health throughout our lives.