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Year 8 Curriculum Newsletter Term 1
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Year 8 Timetable
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Year 8 Homework Timetable
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Students explored the theme of status by acting as different groups of animals. This is linked to our study of the play Noughts and Crosses


in maths, students have been discusiing calculations of the circumference /perimeter, area and volumes of prisms.    


Students have been studying density, pressure, static electricity and current electricity. The pictures below shows students doing class discussions.


Network and networking devices is the topic for this term. students are researching different Networks around the world and their differences, they are working on their project which is on its advance stage.

project title is "Creating local area network" .


In geography we are learning about Energy sources, around the world and the role natural resources. students are also exploring different settlement structures and factors affecting them. in the picture students doing debate on either hydro or nuclear energy can help Malawi 


In History we have been learning about World War Two by putting much focus on the major players in the war

Religious Education

We have been talking about different religions and what they believe in, the Religions discussed include; Mormonism, Humanism, Christianity and their pilgrimages, Islamic Pilgrimages 


In French, students have been discussing, writing and talking about how to give directions in French


The students  were learning about how to sing an ancient Chinese song


This term students have been doing pencil drawing of different parts of a human figure, illusions and 3-dimensional figures with the purpose of achieving illusion. 


This term students have been learning about how to play a guitar with much focus  on the application of the principles of composition

Life Skills

During Life Skills we have been discussing crime and punishment.  We have been discussing whether retribution or reform is the best approach.


Students have been learning rounders.


Our Year 8/9 students have been working hard to achieve their swimming distance awards.