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Term 3 Newsletter and Timetable
Year 10 Curriculum Newsletter Term 3.pdf
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English Language and Literature

Students have been looking at techniques associated with writing to explain.

They have been discussing topic sentences and how to incorporate them into their extended responses.



This term students learnt indices, money and finance, set notation and moved on to algebra and graphs


We have been discussing Animal nutrition and Digestion. students discussed the role of teeth, saliva, the stomach and the whole alimentary canal in terms of digestion. In some lessons, the subject was married with P.E. to display the role of food in energy production through respiration. the following pictures show students doing Aerobics


This term, we have been discussing stoichiometry and electrolysis. the pictures below show students during class discussions


This term we looked at forces and momentum finishing with energy work and power.


In year ten we have been discussing the weather and weather forecast as well as their related vocabulary and verb structures. The present tense has been used to discuss the present weather conditions while the simple future tense has been employed when discussing  future weather patterns.


In ICT students this term are learning network and effects of using the, ICT applications , effects of using ICT

in practical they are focusing on document production, Image editing and generic file formats  


We have been looking at plate tectonics over several weeks. We have developed our understanding of earthquakes and volcanoes, as well as looking at the risks and hazards associated with living near these natural phenomenon. Students demonstrated their understanding of the modified Mercalli scale by acting out disasters based upon different scale readings.

Business Studies

During Business Studies, year 10 have been learning about recruitment.  They have been developing their own job descriptions and job specifications. 


This term the students have been learning photography and graphic designing. They have enjoyed exploring the cameras and how to use different effects to add value of the scene. They have also learn how best to use lighting for best results.

Life Skills

During Life Skills, Year 10 have been learning about the importance of challenging prejudice.


Students this second part of the term have concentrated on aerobics,. the pictures below shows the students in the middle of a session.


Our Year 10 students have been working hard to achieve their swimming distance awards.