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Term 2 Timetable
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Term 2 Curriculum Newsletter
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Starting their IGCSEs

Our Year 10 class are the first set of students at Sir Harry's to work towards achieving IGCSE qualifications! 

English Language and Literature

We're currently looking at building reading comprehension skills. We will move onto our first classic Literature piece later in the term.

We continue to improve on sentence, spelling and presentation skills.


In Biology, our students have started their IGCSE programme by using microscopes to learn about characteristics of living organisms.


Our Year 10 students have been busy developing their language skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing.


We've had a great start on our IGCSE studies, looking at Population Dynamics. We'll move on to other aspects of human geography including Migration, Population Structures and Development. 


Art studies have started with looking at research skills, then drawing and painting basics.

We'll move on to using non-traditional media including textiles, computer animations and photography.

Life Skills

In Life Skills we have been discussing the impact of the media on society.