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Year 10 Curriculum Newsletter and Timetable Term 3
Year 10 curriculum newsletter term 3 202
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First Language English

This term students have been perfecting their summary and article writing skills alongside developing their creative writing. 

Literature in English

Students have been reading Chimamanda Adichie's 'Purple Hibiscus' and grappled with the key themes of colonialism, militarism, feminism and patriarchy as well as developing their own personal responses to the text. 


Students have been learning about sets and venn diagrams and algebraic representation and manipulation.


Students have been learning about digestion and digestive system, the pictures below shows part of the class during class discussion


This term we have been learning about electricity; breaking up ionic compounds to their individual atoms or molecules using electricity. The concepts of reduction and oxidation during electrolysis were our major area of focus.


This first half term students have been learning about moments and levers, Centre of mass and  momentum.


This term students are looking at describing where they live, houses or apartments, as well as talking about their school routine


This term we have been learning about components of computer system, input and output devices and document production in practical. 

students are researching on different generic file formats.


In this term we will be focusing on the 1945 Cold War and the Gulf, looking at various question around this topic such as: ''Who was to blame for the war'', ''How effectively did the USA contain communism'' etc. Students will develop analysis skills and gain factual knowledge on these historical events.


In this term pupil will be looking at Urban Settlements, both its development and impact particularly environmental. We also be looking at the theories around these settlement developments, further studying its societal impact.

Business Studies

During term 2, Year 10 have been learning about people in business.  This has included motivating employees, organisation and management and recruitment and selection.


This half term students have reviewed mixed economic system and money and banking

Life Skills

During term 2, year 10 have been learning about anti social behaviour and discrimination.  Later this term we will be having a focus on careers education.



At this stage in Swimming, We are focusing on developing stability and strength in the water. This term we focus on slowing down our technique so that we can develop the way that we move in the water.