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Term 2 Timetable
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Term 2 Curriculum Newsletter
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English Language and Literature

This term we're completing an in depth study of Romeo and Juliet. We'll look at the play in terms of modern context and in the context of when it was written. Pupils will be expected to know the characters and plot and be able to discuss them in great detail.

We continue to improve on sentence, spelling and presentation skills.


We'll continue to study algebraic indices, moving on to time, set notation and equations and inequalities.



We'll continue to study forces and acceleration moving on to circular motion, momentum and energy.



We study chemical energetics, then move to electricity in chemistry and finally chemical reactions.


In Biology, our students will study human nutrition, transport of substances in plants and animals, diseases and immunity and gas exchange in humans.


Our Year 10 students will focus on vocabulary and grammar for everyday life while strengthening speaking and listening, reading and writing skills.


Themes will include tectonic activity, weather, climate and natural vegetation, food production and industry.


We're building on drawing and painting skills, including architectural landscapes. We are building on knowledge of colour theory and water colour skills.

We will move on to studying the craft of ceramicists and potters.


In ICT, year 10 have been learning and corporate house styles and different ICT applications. 

Life Skills

In Life Skills we will study mental health, dealing with issues at home and in the workplace and learn about different groups in society.