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Year 10 Curriculum Newsletter Term 1
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Year 10 Timetable
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Year 10 Homework Timetable
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First Language English

This term students have been perfecting their summary and article writing skills alongside developing their creative writing. 

Literature in English

Students have been reading Chimamanda Adichie's 'Purple Hibiscus' and grappled with the key themes of colonialism, militarism, feminism and patriarchy as well as developing their own personal responses to the text. 


Students have been learning about number and language, accuracy, integers, fractions and percentages.


This first half of the term, students have been learning more about classification, putting living things in groups according to their morphological characteristics and anatomy. we have also discussed the chemicals of life, movement in and out of cells and Enzymes. The pictures below show a group of students studying different plant leaves and putting them in groups according to the shape of their leaves. 


This half term we have been introducing the main concepts of chemistry like the Particulate nature of matter, structure of an atom and chemical bonding. The pictures below show some of the students doing group discussions. 

In our first test of Chemistry this term, Michael Kajawa scored the highest mark of 86%, he was the first out of 30 students. Congratulations!


This first half term students have  learned measurements, speed, velocity and acceleration and graphs of equations..


This term we have been looking at the perfect  and the imperfect tenses, the immediate future, modal verbs and the future tense.


This term we have been learning about components of computer system, input and output devices and document production in practical. 

students are researching on different generic file formats.



Business Studies

During Business Studies, Year 10 have been learning how to write a business plan.  Once they wrote their plans they role played presenting them to a bank manager!


This half term we have looked at the basic economic problem and gone further to look at the allocation of resources covering micro and macroeconomics, the role of markets in allocating resources and lastly demand.

Life Skills

During Life Skills, year 10 have been discussing healthy lifestyles.  They have been learning about the importance of looking after their mental health.