Class Teacher - Miss Tadala Tenthani

Teaching Assistant - Catherine

Term 2 Newsletter
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This first half term, we are looking at purposes of writing. We will look at persuasive writing; its techniques and its language. we will analyze different persuasive texts: adverts, letters and speeches. we will later on design our own adverts and write our own persuasive letters and speeches.


The first week of the term, we will revise long multiplication and long division. After that, we will start our new topic, Fractions. We will order and compare fractions. Then, we will look at adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions. we will later, look into properties of shapes.


This term, we will explore about the earth and other spherical bodies in the solar system. We will also discuss Geocentric and Heliocentric models of the universe.


This term, we are looking at data handling. We will have lots of practical activities around the use of spreadsheet; number operations, problem solving. Lastly, we will look at planning a budget on spreadsheet.


This term we will be finding out about the Space Race of the late 20th century and the lives of astronauts. we will also look at space exploration and how it help us in everyday life and for the better future.

Religious Education

We will look at Judaism: its main beliefs and festivals. we will also look at the relationship between Judaism and other ways of warship.


This term, we will look at textiles and sewing techniques: applique and embroidery  we will have lots of practical activities working with textile that will develop valuable art and design skills.

Swimming And Sports

This term, students will practice football and tag rugby skills. we will continue swimming until Easter.