Class Teacher - Mrs Tadala Msola Tenthani

Teaching Assistant - Catherine

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This term we will look at recount writing. We will look at various examples of recount texts, their features as well as diction. We will then analyze biographies and later, write our own biographies about significant figures in Africa. 


The first week of the term we will revise long multiplication and division. After revision, we will start a new topic: Fractions - adding and subtracting fractions. We will then look into properties of shapes. We will compare and order angles, measure angles in degrees using a protractor and calculate angles on a straight line and around a point. 


This term our theme in science is Life Cycles. We will explore and investigate the life cycle of a flowering plant. Students will observe how plants reproduce and produce flowers. They will also observe how seeds can be dispersed in a variety of ways. 


We will look at data handling; we will have lots of practical activities around the use of spreadsheets, number operations, solving problems on spreadsheet. Lastly, we will look at planning a budget.


Our topic this the term is Africa. We’ll be finding out about inspirational people-African leaders. We will also look at districts and cities of Malawi, its geographical regions and their identifying human and physical characteristics. We will also look at key topographical features in Malawi including hills, mountains, coasts and rivers.

Religious Education

We are looking at Sikhism: its main beliefs, its holy book and how it is used. We will also look at special Sikhism festivals. Lastly, we will discuss the differences and similarities between Sikhism religion and other ways of worshiping.


We will look at printmaking. We will explore the different techniques used when printmaking. We will do various printmaking activities that will develop valuable art and design

Swimming And Sports

 In PE we shall learn netball and tag rugby skills followed by batting and fielding skills leading to cricket. We shall continue swimming until easter.