Students at Sir Harry's have many opportunities to excel in sports.

Dance Competition

In June 2018, our Secondary students competed in the Sir Harry's Annual Dance Competition.

Training at Viva Gym

In June 2018, our Secondary Athletics Club participated in a challenging workout at Viva Gym.

Secondary Multi-Skills Festival

In April 2018, our Secondary students took part in a multi-skills festival, which involved football, basketball, volleyball and swimming.

House Gala

In November 2017, we held our House Gala.  Our Secondary students competed against each other in various races.

Secondary Night Gala

In November 2017, Sir Harry's Secondary participated in its first ever International School's Sporting Event at St Andrew's High School.

Swim Squad Gala

In October 2018, some of our Secondary students took part in a Swim Squad Gala to practise for the Night Gala,