Class Teacher - Mrs Pyman

Teaching Assistant - Ben

Term 3 Curriculum Newsletter
Chiradzulu Curriculum Newsletter Term 3
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We finished off last term with a wonderful Polar express week! We had Jingle the naughty elf in our class, we made special reading grottos, played musical chairs with our favourite stories and generally had a very special week leading up to the Christmas break.


The children will complete a variety of reading and writing tasks ocusing on descriptive poetry including the use of WOW words. Correct punctuation will be highlighted and we wil learn about settings and main characters. We will begin using conjunctions to join sentences together. 


We will continue to devellop number skills and quick recall of number facts. We will review and build on mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction. We will focus on place value, adding and subtracting 10 from any given number. We will count in 2's, 5's and 10 and identify odd and even numbers. For meausring, we will investigate weight, length and capacity as well as learning to tell the time to half past and o'clock. 


Our topic this term is 'Magical Me and Aliens and Astronauts'. We will be learning all about our body and our awesome senses. We will enjoy exploring materials and their properties as well as carrying out simple experiments to investigate which material would be best for our alien spacecraft. We will peep into the past learning about early explorers such as Neil Armstrong and we will compare toys from long ago with those we use today. 

Lessons, laughter and some learning too!