Class Teacher - Mrs Pyman

Teaching Assistant - Winnie

Term 1 Timetable
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Term 1 Newsletter
Year 1 Curriculum newsletter term 1 2019
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Welcome to the start of a new school year with a new crop of kids!

Meet the Chiradzulu Team


This term we will focus on the basic elements of writing. We will learn how to write the letters of the alphabet correctly, write on a line and learn how to make simple sentences, starting with a capital letter and ending with a full stop as well as using our spaceman in between words!  We will introduce verbs and adjectives. WIth phonics we will concentrate on the phonemes from Phase 3 as well as tricky words. We will begin using our word books and have a go at spelling simple words.


This term we will focus on place value and numbers to 20. We will recognise 1 more or 1 less within 20. Emphasis will be placed on the ' teen' numbers before progressing with place value. We will enjoy many practical activites to understand a 10 frame and 'counting' on. We will introduce the basic signs for equals, add and subtract and enjoy discovering these basic maths operations. 


Our whole school topic this term is 'Wonderful Water". We will find out where water comes from, what we use water for, the 5 oceans of the world and water sources in Malawi. We will carry out various scientific experiments, including materials which float or sink, melt, dissolve and freeze. We will discover the ocean habitat and what lives there and we will link in with Maths by exploring capacity. 

Lessons, laughter and some learning too!