Class Teacher - Mrs Pyman

Teaching Assistant - Mavis

Term 3 Newsletter and Timetable
Nawimbe curriculum newsletter term 3 202
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It's hard to believe that we are in the final term of Year 1! Time sure does fly when you're having fun with great learning.


This term we will continue with writing simple stories, using our imagination more and trying to make our writing more exciting by using adjectives and great connectives. Emphasis will be on correct punctuation and neat presentation as well as opinion and instructional writing. We will be introducing adverbs and compound words and learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts. We will carry out research for our non-fiction report on our favourite animal.  Of course we also love practising our spelling with fun activities such as writing them in delicious pudding!


This term we will continue with measuring, length, capacity and time. We will also be introducting simple multiplication and division, using plenty of hands on practical experience with making arrays, sharing and grouping.  

Maths Week

This term we enjoyed our maths week, where the theme was 'Data Handling'. We learnt how to use tally marks, make a pictogram and block graphs. We went down to the bottom car park, where we carried out a traffic survey. We discovered that motorbikes were the most popular mode of transport and lorries were the least popular. We also learnt about position and direction using grid lines.


Our topic this term is 'Sensational', where we will be exploring our 5 senses, comparing animals to ourselves, compass points, direction,  and simple map work.

Lessons, laughter and some learning too!