Class Teacher - Mrs Pyman

Teaching Assistant - Patrick

Curriculum Newsletter
Term 1 2023-24
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A very warm welcome to the Year 1 class of 2023-24! We are so excited for Term 1 with a new crop of students and are excited for the great learning ahead! We are settling down well and adjusting to the expectations of Year 1!

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This term we will focus on handwriting, writing words on a line, finger spaces and correct punctuation such as starting a sentence next to the margin with a capital letter and finishing with a full stop. We will enjoy learning how to label a picture and to make lists. We will be introducing nouns, verbs and adjectives. Reading is of paramount importance in Year 1 and we will enjoy daily activities linked to reading, writing and spelling.

We are enjoying learning to spell and to ' read the room' where we have to be word detectives and find our spelling words and write them out on our whiteboards, before reading them to our teacher!


This term we will focus on place value within 20, counting on from any number, 1 more and 1 less using the correct symbols. We will compare groups of objects for fewer, more, the same. We will introduce simple addition and takeaway on a very practical level. We will identify 2D and 3D shapes.


Our topic this term is 'Wonderful Water' . We are learning about the sources of water, what we use water for, what lives in water and how can we take good care of it! We will be carrying out simple scientific experiments to see how long it takes to freeze/ melt, objects which float and which sink and a simple waterproof project. We will visit the stream at the bottom car park to make various observations to add to our water journal. 

Lessons, laughter and some learning too!