Class Teacher - Mrs Pyman

Teaching Assistant - Mavis

Term 1 Newsletter and Timetable
Chiradzulu Curriculum Newsletter Term 1.
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A very warm welcome to a new school year and a new crop of students! We are delighted to be able to start the school year IN class, all together! May I proudly present to you the new Chiradzulu Class for 2021 - 2022!


This term we are consolidating on all the phonics and tricky words covered in Reception. We are also learning to write on the line, use finger spaces between words, SPELL words on our own and have a go at writing a few simple sentences. We have been focusing on labelling and making lists. To link in with our whole school topic of Taking Care of Our World, we labelled a tree and wrote a few sentences. We were really proud of their effort in the Primary School Big Write. We are working hard on learning all our tricky words and High Frequency words for Year 1 and this is really improving our fluency in reading.


We have been working extremely hard in Maths, investigating greater than/ less than, the same as or equal to. The students are whizz kids on using the greedy crocodile sign now! We have also been investigating one to one correspondence, ordinal numbers and simple addition. We love MATHS!


Our Topic this term is Nature and taking care of our world. We first learnt about the 7 continents and where we live. Now we are investigating all the different ways in which we can help our beautiful planet earth. We are focusing on the 3 R's - reduce, reuse and recycle. Awesome that even at this young age, children are aware of what needs to be done!

Lessons, laughter and some learning too!