Teacher: Mr Colin Doney

Teaching Assistant: Chifundo

Newsletter term 2
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In English lessons we've started 2023 with an introduction to persuasive writing based on our Space theme. We've moved on to poetry, looking at Acrostic and Shape poems. This has allowed us to learn to use the thesaurus to find synonyms.

After the Half Term break we'll focus on recounts then move on to wriitng short stories.


The focus in Maths at the start of the year was Multiplication and Division. We have moved on to measuring length and perimeter. The class have started using rulers very well, able to measure accurately and carefully.

After the break we'll move to introducing fractions and then onto mass and capacity.


Science this term has focussed on Space. We've learnt about the planets of the Solar System, the Sun and the Moon. There have been lots of practical activities as we've found out about the orbits of planets and the phases of the moon.

We move on to finding out about teeth, eating and digestion. I'm hoping we can find a dentist to come and talk to us!

During Science Week we had a "Fact Hunt." The children worked in teams with pupils from Dedza Class to find facts about space

Topic (History/Geography)

The first topic of 2023 was Space. We found out about the Space Race and the moon landings. We've discovered what life is like for astronauts on the International Space Station.

The next topic theme is Tourism. We've planned some exciting activities including a "Travel Day" where we will pretend to take aeroplane flights to various holiday destinations...


RE is a study of Judaism and the Jewish faith.

Art, and Design Technology

In Art we've learnt to draw portraits accurately. We'll follow that with painting posters for travel destinations and look at careful lettering.

In DT we have made picture frames using woodwork skills (measuring and sawing, then using the glue gun for sticking). After the break we'll move to Food Technology and look at food from around the world.


Coach Dan is focussing on Netball and Tag Rugby skills in the lead up to the International School tournament at the end of March. Swimming skills continue to be taught each Monday.


Computing skills this term have included data handling and using the Excel package. We've thought about questions and how to find the answers and how to present them as graphs and charts. We've also learnt the terms "spreadsheet", "data" and "cell".

We'll move on to programming after the half term break, using the MS Logo programme. This is available as a free download so children can practise their skills at home.

Here are some of the class using the laptops to make speadsheets on Excel.

Music and Dance/Drama

Mrs K has started teaching musical notation, as well as singing and working together. In drama, the class are working towards putting on small plays.


Auntie Chifundo is continuing weekly Chichewa lessons. She's focussing on animals (domestic and wild), conversational language and games and songs that use Chichewa There will also be some local tribal dancing that fits in with the Tourism topic.