It was a fun week of books in the Primary section. Some of the activities have included an extreme reading challenge, buddy reading, and parents reading stories in the classroom.


Last year we had a Primary and Secondary team competing in the Zomba Urban National Spelling Bee. We were proud to host this event at Sir Harry's.
All of our Students made an excellent effort and 16 of them managed to get through to the next round. They will go on to compete in the southern Region Finals in Blantyre.
The Following students progressed to the next round:
Thumelo (Year 3), Ulemelero (Year 4), Reshma (Year 5), Steveria (Year 5), Okhuwa (Year 6), Akonda (Year 7), Chairo (Year 7), Chawezi (Year 7), Aneesa (Year 7), Thandeka (Year 8 ), Rehana (Year 8 ), Matilda (Year 8 ), Sean ( Year 8 ), Thanthwe (Year 8 ), Ellard (Year 8 ), Janice (Year 9 ), and Khama (Year 9 ).
Congratulations to all of our amazing competitors!

At Sir Harry's we organise many enrichment activities to ensure that our curriculum is both challenging and exciting!

Tree Planting

In February 2022, the Primary school were busy planting lots of new trees around the school. The children were all excited about watching them grow.

Science Week

In January 2022, all the primary classes participated in an exciting Science week.  The theme was 'growth'.

Spelling Bee

In November 2021, Sir Harry's hosted the International Schools Spelling Bee. Steveria, Elisha, Kizito and Okhuwa represented the school. We were delighted to achieve a second place

Book Week

In October 2021, our Primary classes had an exciting Book Week.  Activities included an extreme reading challenge, a book sale and a book cover treasure hunt.  They also dressed up as a book character.

Maths Week

In May 2021, during Maths Week. our primary students enjoyed doing some fun practical maths activities. These included, measuring, estimating, shopping, building, counting and many more

Book week 2021

In February 2021, our great students in primary section  had a brilliant  Book Week. Activities included: a Read-a-thon, a paired reading session, a dressing up day (including staff) and fun activities at the end.

Problem Solving Day

In  March 2020, children in years 1 to 6 enjoyed another fun problem solving day. They worked in teams and used many skills such as teamwork, communication, patience, listening and perseverance. They had fun while learning how to communicate and cooperate and come up with new solutions.

Design and Technology

In January 2020 our primary school had a DT day, they produced different types of shoes using locally availability resources.  Learners had fun while learning skills in shoe production


Malumbe (year 5/6) and Chagwa (year 3/4) in December 2019 they performed their show about Trojan War, they had audience from other International schools, neigbouring school(Mponda) and Parents. it was a brilliant show. Keep it up

Year 5/6 Residential

In October 2019, Malumbe Class had a fantastic time at Mbala estate in zomba thondwe were they camped for 2 days. they played team games, outdoor art lessons and learnt more about agriculture at the farm

Year 3/4 Zomba Residential

In October 2019, Year 3/4 went on a fantastic two days residential to in Zomba.  During their trip they did a wide range of activities. 

Overnight Camp

In June 2019, we organised an overnight camp for children in years 1, 5 and 6.  Everyone had a fantastic time!

Big Write

In June 2019, we had a Primary Big Write.  Our children came to school and found the field had been sealed off.  Mr Mabvumbe (from road traffic) told the children that the City Council wanted to build a road through the school.  The children were very against the idea and were motivated to write some letters of complaint!  They were very relieved when they heard later that the road was not going to be built through Sir Harry's.

Maths Week

In May 2019, we held a Maths Week, focusing on business and enterprise.

Design Technology Day

In May 2019, we organised a Primary Design Technology Day.  Our students demonstrated excellent practical skills and creativity.

Family Picnic

In May 2019, we had a whole school Family Picnic to celebrate 60 years of great learning at Sir Harry's.

Maths Olympiad

In April 2019, Sir Harry's hosted the Inter-Schools Maths Olympiad.  Teams from the various international schools competed against each other.  We were proud of our Year 6 team for achieving third place.

Global Arts Morning

In April 2019, we held a Global Arts Morning.  Each class produced art work from a different country.

KS1 Play

In March 2019, Songani, Chiradzulu and Nawimbe Class performed 'Hat's Off' to a packed audience.

Book Week

In February 2019, our children had a fantastic pirate-themed Book Week. Activities included: a Read-a-thon, a paired reading session and a dressing up day!

Design Technology Day

In January 2019, we had a Design Technology Day, where the whole school used textiles to make items of clothing..

KS2 Play: Fee Fie Fo Fum

In December 2018, Chagwa and Malumbe Class performed the play 'Fee Fie Fo Fum'.

Science Week

In November 2018, we held our annual Science Week..  All of our children enjoyed becoming scientists!

Problem Solving Day

In November 2018, children in years 1 to 6 enjoyed another fun problem solving day. They worked in teams and used many skills such as teamwork, communication, patience, listening and perseverance.

Year 3/4 Hotel Masongola Residential

In October 2018, Year 3/4 went on a fantastic two day residential to Hotel Masongola in Zomba.  During their trip they did a guided history tour and visited the Botanical Gardens.

Year 5/6 Njobvu Cultural Village Residential

In October 2018, Year 5/6 went on a three day residential to Njobvu Cultural Village. They participated in a dance and drumming workshop, helped to build a new hut for the Chief, took part in some community gardening and visited the local kindergarten and school. They also enjoyed playing netball and football against the village teams.

Design Technology Day

In October 2018, we held a whole school Cookery Day.  Each class made a dish from the past..  The food was delicious!

Speech Competition

In June 2018, one of our Year 6 children represented Sir Harry's at the Inter-Schools Speech Competition, in Blantyre. She achieved third place and was awarded a bronze certificate! A great achievement!

Maths Week

In June 2018, we held our Annual Maths Week.  Children across the Primary School took part in a range of practical activities.

Y3/4 Zomba Residential

 In October 2017, our Year 3/4 Class went on an exciting overnight camp at Pakachere.  They visited the Botanical Gardens and Zomba Forest Lodge.  They had a fantastic time! 

Year 5/6 Game Haven Residential

In October 2017, our year 5/6 class went away on a safari residential to Game Haven, near Blantyre.  As you can see from the photos below, the children had a wonderful time!