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Term 1 Timetable
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Term 3 Curriculum Newsletter
Curriculum Newsletter T3 2017-18 Year 9.
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Year 9 are preparing for their Cambridge Checkpoint Exams which happen very soon. We're sure they'll do brilliantly, showing off all the skills in reading and writing that they've learnt over the last 2 and a half years.

Once the exams are finished we'll prepare for our performance... more news soon!


In year 9 we will be doing a comprehensive revision in readiness for the Checkpoint examinations. We are hoping to achieve a 100% pass rate. After the examinations, we will have an in depth study on algebra, numbers, geometric reasoning and data handling to prepare the students for further studies in ks4


We will be doing a comprehensive revision in all the three branches of science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) to prepare the students for the Checkpoint examinations.  After the examinations,we will be carrying out lots of practical investigations..


In Geography we will look at plate tectonics and then a brief study of travel and tourism if there is time. History will look at various Civil Wars in various nations: what caused them and how they were fought.

RE is a look at Religious Art and Symbolism..


Mr Milanzi has been using computers to compose and the results are excellent. This will continue as the pupils build on their skills with musical notation. Art is a continued study of sculpture.

French continues, as does Chinese.



PE this term is fitness and circuit training on Monday. PE on Wednesday is athletics, then gymnastics and dance.


Computing we are looking at the binary systems and Microsoft Excel for management purposes