Form Tutor - Mr Nguluwe and Ms. A. Mkwapatira

Year 9 Curriculum Newsletter and Timetables Term 3
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Throughout this half term Year 9 have blossomed as travel writers. They have developed their own writing styles as they produced bespoke travel writing articles. Year 9 have also delved into the craft of speech writing and are in the process of drafting a speech to Parliament. 


After getting over checkpoint fever, students started learning key stage four mathematics. So far we have covering number and language,, accuracy, calculations and order, integers , fractions, decimals and further percentage..


this term we are revising checkpoint syllabus, making sure that students are ready for their checkpoint examinations. we have revised the topics of sound and light from year 8 book and we have done examination coaching. the pictures below are showing students during one of those exam coaching and career guidance sessions.


In ICT, we are learning a bout `input and output devices, storage devices and media and document production.


This term year 9 are studying the Civil Rights movement in the USA. We want to look at the problems faced by many African-Americans after the emancipation of slavery. Then to look at the influential people that would change a societies attitudes from segregation to integration, from William DeBois, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks.

Year 9 - History - Scheme of Work.pdf
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This term year 9 are investigating extreme environments. We want to look at some of the environments on earth that are becoming difficult for life to be sustained. This will then move onto looking at the human influence on our environment. To look at the causes and impacts of Climate Change, and to think about how people can be empowered to make change to protect the future of our planet.

Year 9 - Geography - Scheme of Work.pdf
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Year 9 - RE - Scheme of Work.pdf
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Business Studies

In the third term, the year 9's will be introduced to business activity and the classification of businesses. They will be taught the foundational concepts of needs and wants as well as the Factors of Production.


In the third term, the students will be introduced to The Basic Economic Problem and how economies carefully allocate scarce resources to satisfy consumer needs and wants. 


This term students have been introduced to the IGCSE French content and have been looking at describing where they stay and school activities


This term in Art we will focus on creating structures of Architecture. This will help the students manifest their designs in real life. First creating the design and concept on paper then bringing it to life with model structures.


This term in music we will focus on music as a culture. Diversifying the way we listen to music so that we can know the importance of how culture influences the type of music we listen to. 

Life Skills

During term 3. year 9 have been learning about crimes and punishments, the court system, managing the country finances, political parties, why people vote, a global community and resolving world conflict.


This Term in PE we have worked cardio and basketball dribbling drills. This allows for the students to develop hand eye coordination and find a rhythm that helps them to understand their relationship between sight and sound of the basketball. 


This term in Swimming. after developing confidence. We will begin to use drills that help advance our technique for the 4 different strokes. Freestyle, Breast Stroke, Backstroke, and Butterfly.