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Year 9 Curriculum Newsletter and Timetables Term 3
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Throughout this half term Year 9 have blossomed as travel writers. They have developed their own writing styles as they produced bespoke travel writing articles. Year 9 have also delved into the craft of speech writing and are in the process of drafting a speech to Parliament. 


This half term students have learnt about area and volume, fractions, decimals and percentages and arithmetic and geometric sequences


this term we are revising checkpoint syllabus, making sure that students are ready for their checkpoint examinations. we have revised the topics of sound and light from year 8 book and we have done examination coaching. the pictures below are showing students during one of those exam coaching and career guidance sessions.


In ICT, we are learning a bout `Public information systems, cloud computing and document production. it has been a wonderful start of the term. students enjoyed producing their portfolio by capturing images using the camera and uploading in word.  


In this term student will be focusing on the varied aspects of the Slave Trade, delving into the historical factors that lead to these atrocities and barbarity against African peoples.


This term Year 9 have delved into the pros and cons of tourism. They have analysed what harms tourism and what promotes it and have thought creatively about how to create their own tourist attractions. 


In this term students will focus on religious leader and the religions practices of Judaism, looking at the development, practices and current current conflict around religious issues.


Students are learning about where places are and how to get there, and how to compare life in the 1900 to that of the present. The present and the imperfect (imparfait) tenses are vital for the aforementioned comparison


This term in Art we will focus on creating structures of Architecture. This will help the students manifest their designs in real life. First creating the design and concept on paper then bringing it to life with model structures.


This term in music we will focus on music as a culture. Diversifying the way we listen to music so that we can know the importance of how culture influences the type of music we listen to. 

Life Skills

During term 2, year 9 have been thinking about their futures and what subjects they are interested in studying for their IGCSEs. Later in the term, they will move on to some of the bigger issues such as HIV and AIDS, marriage and divorce and suicide.



This term in Swimming. after developing confidence. We will begin to use drills that help advance our technique for the 4 different strokes. Freestyle, Breast Stroke, Backstroke, and Butterfly.