On Sunday 3rd April we had a Primary and Secondary team competing in the Zomba Urban National Spelling Bee. We were proud to host this event at Sir Harry's.
All of our Students made an excellent effort and 16 of them managed to get through to the next round. They will go on to compete in the southern Region Finals in Blantyre.
The Following students will progress to the next round:
Thumelo (Year 3), Ulemelero (Year 4), Reshma (Year 5), Steveria (Year 5), Okhuwa (Year 6), Akonda (Year 7), Chairo (Year 7), Chawezi (Year 7), Aneesa (Year 7), Thandeka (Year 8 ), Rehana (Year 8 ), Matilda (Year 8 ), Sean ( Year 8 ), Thanthwe (Year 8 ), Ellard (Year 8 ), Janice (Year 9 ), and Khama (Year 9 ).
Congratulations to all of our amazing competitors!

On Saturday our Boarders went on an exciting trip to Zomba plateau. In the morning they visited Mulunguzi Dam and enjoyed a picnic lunch. In the afternoon, they went on to William's Falls. Everyone had a great day, although came back very tired!

At Sir Harry's we organise many enrichment activities to ensure that our curriculum is both challenging and exciting!

Safer Internet Day

In February 2022, the school took part in the world Safer Internet Day. All classes learnt about how to stay safe online using a variety of means, such as poetry, drama and music. After school some of our secondary students put together an interesting performance. it was a wonderful event.

Airbus Foundation Visit

In December 2021, Ivana Alvares Marshall from the Airbus Foundation, worked with some of our secondary students on an exciting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) project. Our students designed aeroplanes and rockets using computer software.

Book Day

In October 2021 years 7 to 9 took part in various book related activities.  They enjoyed coming to school dressed as a book character.

DT Day

In July 2021, students were given the task of upcycling old, unwanted clothes and turning them into something more desirable. They also experimented with using natural dyes

Year 11 Dinner and Dance

In June 2021, we held a special dinner and dance to say goodbye to our Year 11 students.  We wish them all the very best for the future.

Education Visit to CHANCO radio and TV

In May 2021, Year 7 visited CHANCO radio and TV station to obtain first-hand information about communication operations, as part of their ICT learning. they had a chance to visit studios and transmitters 

Design Technology Day

In April 2021, students in Year 7 worked collaboratively to produce and promote their own desserts. Each group had to produce an original dessert and then come up with ways to persuade people to buy their product. The groups were judged by our special panel.

Secondary Book Day

In March 2021 Students in Years 7 to 9 had a fantastic Book Day today and enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book character. they had fun while exploring different information from books.

Design Technology Day

In November 2020 Students in key stage 3 had their DT day. they considered the difficulties farmers who grow crops on mountainsides face in transporting their produce (often perishable fruits and vegetables) to the market. Students researched, designed, tested and adapted their Prototypes . they all responded well to the challenge, they worked together successfully analyzed and evaluated their work.      

Textiles day

In January 2020 our key stage 3 students showcased their products made during their Textile day. They had fun while learning skills in reusing materials.

Food Technology

KS3 Students had their first Technology day of the year in December 2019.and it was based upon the theme of a journey.

French Cafe

Our Secondary French students in December 2019 organised a french cafe. This was a great opportunity for them to practise their French in real life context

Geographical Research

Year 7/8 conducted field work on 4th October 2019 to practice their geographical skills. The research question was ‘Is Zomba congested?’ they collected data on Chilembwe highway and represented their findings on pie charts and bar charts.

Romeo and Juliet Performance

In July 2019, our Secondary students performed Romeo and Juliet.

Design Technology Day

In June 2019, we organised a Design Technology Day for years 7 to 9 where our students learnt about bicycle maintenance.

Visit to Dedza Pottery

In June 2019 some of our students visited Dedza Pottery as part of their art studies.

French Café

In May 2019 our students organised their own French Café.  All food was served using the French language.

Year 7/8 Mulunguzi Dam Trip

In April 2019, our Year 7/8 Class went on a Geography Field Trip to Mulunguzi Dam to learn about flooding defences.

Mangochi Residential

In March 2019, our Lower Secondary students enjoyed a fantastic three day residential trip to Mangochi.  They carried out geography field work, visited the local school and developed their team working skills.

KS3 Design Technology Day

In January 2019, our KS3 Students had a Design Technology Day where they printed 'safer internet' messages on their t shirts!

Year 7/8 History Tour

In September 2018, our Year 7/8 class went on a guided tour of Zomba to learn about its history.  They visited Hotel Masongola and Kamuzu Banda's Office.

Design Technology Day

In September 2018, our KS3 Students had a Food Technology Day where they cooked a delicious curry!

'Alice in Wonderland' Performance

In June 2018, our Secondary students performed 'Alice in Wonderland' to a packed audience.

Design Technology Day

In May 2018, our Secondary students undertook the Buggy Challenge!  They demonstrated great problem solving skills.

Global Arts Morning

In April 2018, we held our first Global Arts Morning.  Our Secondary students focused on producing 3D art work.

First Aid Training

In March 2018, our Secondary students received First Aid training from a visiting doctor.

Liwonde Residential

In February 2018, our Secondary students went on a three day residential to Liwonde National Park. 

Design Technology Day

In February 2018, we had a Design Technology Day, where our Secondary students used textiles to create something that they could wear.

Christmas Singalong

We finished term 1 with a whole school Christmas Singalong!  Our Secondary students sang with enthusiasm!

Problem Solving Day

In November 2017, our Secondary students took part in a maths and science based Problem Solving Day.  The aim was to develop their critical thinking.

Science Week

In November 2017, Sir Harry's held its first Science Week..  Our Secondary students created their own scientific inventions!

Design Technology Day

In October 2017, we held a Cookery Day.  Our Secondary students worked together to make a healthy meal.