School Background

The Secondary School was developed following requests from parents and successfully opened in September 2015.  It has grown each year and now offers places for students in years 7, 8 9 and 10.  Our first set of students will take their IGCSEs in May 2020..  


We have a clear vision for the development of our Secondary School:


To develop a Secondary School which provides:

• A warm, caring and inclusive environment, which values every child as an individual;

• High quality teaching and learning, which exceeds international standards;

• An interesting, varied and challenging curriculum;

• Staff who know the ability and potential of every child.



The Secondary School is a Cambridge Associate School. As a result, our teachers are able to deliver the prestigious Cambridge Curriculum.  

Years 7, 8 and 9

In years 7, 8 and 9, the Cambridge Curriculum covers English, Mathematics and Science. Other curricular areas are based on the British National Curriculum, but are adapted to meet the needs and interests of our pupils, living in Malawi and as global citizens. 


Subjects taught in Years 7, 8 and 9:

English History French
Maths Geography Chinese
Science Religious Education Art and Design
Computing Citizenship Design Technology
Physical Education Music  


Years 10 and 11

The IGCSE programme will begin in September 2018 for students entering Year 10.  They will sit their exams in May 2020.  Students will study for nine IGCSEs, accredited by the University of Cambridge,  The IGCSEs will include compulsory subjects and options selected by the students/parents.


Compulsory Subjects in Years 10 and 11:

First Language English Mathematics French Foreign Language

Literature in English 

Biology ICT

Options in Years 10 and 11:

Chemistry or

Business Studies

Physics or

Art and Design

Geography or

Religious Studies

All students will have a compulsory weekly PE class, which is not an exam class, but a core element of the curriculum.


Secondary Development Plan

The Secondary School Development Plan below sets out how we intend to achieve our vision.

Secondary Development Plan 2019-20
Secondary Development Plan 2019-20.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.4 MB

What our students say...

"It's a cheerful, light hearted school." (Wamudala, aged 12)


"The school cares about not just your education but your safety too." (Miracle, aged 12)


"It helped make my reading better." (Alemekezeke, aged 12)


"It's a school built on kindness, respect and care for one another." (Aisha, aged 14)


"It's a helpful and kind environment." (James, aged 15)


"The teachers help you to understand if you are stuck on something." (Theodore, aged 11)


"The teachers are there when you need them." (Randall, aged 14)


"School is like a second home because of the kindness and respect." (Maliha, aged 13)


"It doesn't matter how different you are, everyone is treated the same." (Nancy, aged 13)


"It's a place that makes my life better." (Jiseung, aged 12) 


"You never feel insecure or unsafe - it's a home away from home." (Zahid, aged 15)


"Everything is developing!  More classrooms, more students, more teachers, more opportunities." (JiWon, aged 14)


"It's very welcoming." (Muzzamil, aged 11)


"Sir Harry's gives opportunities to everybody."  (Tadala, aged 11)