Class Teacher - Mrs Juma

Teaching Assistants - Catherine and Dan

Great learning...

Welcome to Nursery Class, the children have settled in very well and ready to enjoy their learning through play. This term's theme Is "Wild and Domestic animals". we`ll be looking at different types of animals,

 differentiating between wild and domestic animals .In our role play we`ll be feeding the domestic animals every morning, whilst the wild animals will be hunting for themselves.

They will also be enjoying their outdoor activities, such as hopscotch, jumping on numbers and colours, water play with different resources, fun swim and using the climbing frame.


Below are some of the photographs of children doing different activities.




we are still enjoying our great learning through trips, we had a great time at Mbala estate where the kids enjoyed seeing some of the domestic  animals, how they are taken care of, some managed milking the cow and collecting eggs. Most of them were brave enough to sit on the horses. Below are some of the photographs of nursery children enjoying their great learning at the farm.