Children at Sir Harry's have many opportunities to excel in sports.

Primary Netball and Tag Rugby

On Wednesday 9th March 2022 we held our Primary Home Netball and Tag Rugby Tournament. Our children showed both determination and good sportsmanship. The overall winners were Majete

Primary Hockey Tournament

In November 2022, we had a boys and girls team playing at the International Schools Primary Hockey Tournament. Our boys team won, with Seko as the most valuable player. Our girls came in third place. Well done to all the competitors.

House Hockey Competition

In November 2022, the primary School took part in an exciting House Hockey Competition.

All of the teams demonstrated great skill.  The winners of the Competition were Nyika. 

Primary House Gala

In November 2021, we held our Primary House Gala. All Children swam brilliantly. Congratulations to Majete (the winning team).

Primary Sports Day

In June 2021, our primary school students took part in a sports day involving jumping, throwing and running. They had a great time and there were some fantastic performances. It was a close competition but in the end Nyika house won. Congratulations Nyika!

Primary House Athletics

In March 2021 the primary students from Songani to Malumbe class took part in some fun races. We cheered each class on as they went as fast as they could to earn points for their house. Everyone had a great time and ran some brilliant races. Our winning house was Nyika..

Well done everyone who participated

Primary House Gala

In November 2020, we organised a Primary House Gala.  All of our children swam with great determination.

Netball and Tag Rugby Tournament

In March 2020, Sir Harry's was proud to host the Inter-Schools Netball at Tag Rugby Competition.  All the children who participated showed great sportsmanship.

Netball and Rugby Tournament

We had a great House Rugby and Netball Tournament in February 2020. our fantastic Learners had fun while practicing different skills. we are proud of their effort and good  sportsmanship they demonstrated. the winning team was Cheetahs.

Football and Netball against Cedar Primary

In February 2020 our Primary School played Football and Netball against Cedar primary. Our Football team lost the match but made a great effort. Our Netball  team were the winners!

International Hockey Tournament

In November 2019 our school competed in the international Hockey Tournament at Saint Andrews International Primary School. They played with determination well done to everyone who took part 

Swim House Gala

In October 2019, we held a Gala for our Swim House Gala.  We were delighted with the progress the children were making with their swimming.

House Hockey

In October 2019, we held our House Hockey Competition.  During the event, the children in Chagwa and Malumbe Class played various matches against each other, whilst the younger children developed their skills.

Dance Competition

In June 2019, all of our classes (including Pre-Nursery and Nursery) participated in our Annual Dance Competition.

Athletics Tournament

In June 2019, a number of our children went to St Andrew's Primary in Blantyre to represent Sir Harry's at the annual Athletics Tournament. 

Football Tournament

In May 2019, our football team competed at the Inter-schools Football Tournament at Hillview School.  We were impressed with the determination and resilience shown by our students.  Congratulations to our Boys B Team who achieved second place in their league.

Sports Day

In May 2019, we held a Sports Day for children from Pre-Nursery to year 6.  The first part of the day was a carousel of activities designed to develop the children's speed, agility, balance and team work.  The second part of the day was organised along the lines of more traditional races.