Class Teacher - Mrs Chisale

Teaching Assistants - Davie and Olive

Term 1 Newsletter and Time table
It's another fantastic 2nd Term and the children are enjoying playing with toys and splashing around in the puddle of rain water. The children are now working independently and helping one another.
They are enjoying the surprise of toys they get every week. Some of them have developed there language full and some are really trying hard.
1 pre-nursery curriculum newsletter term
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Welcome to Pre-Nursery Class

Another exciting 2nd Term in Pre nursery class. The children are having so much fun playing with each other. They have developed their language of course some are trying to get there. As our Topic is about toys the children have had fun taking care of them by washing and tidying them in a safe place.

They love playing molding in the mud as it is the rain season. 

We had a science week and parents helped us by bring fruit trees and natural trees so that the children could plant hem

If you have any queries, or would like to visit pre-nursery, please speak to Mrs Chisale or a member of her team.