Class Teacher - Mrs Chisale

Teaching Assistants - Davie and Olive with Louis

Welcome to Pre-Nursery Class

Welcome to the first term. It is a very hot term therefore making our activities more of water as the Theme for this term is water. The children are settling in slowly and are now geting acquainted with each other. My team is looking forward to having an exciting term full of playing and having fun.

Fun Activities

Pre-nursery students had a packed week back from half term filled with interesting activities like free painting exercises and swimming drills in preparation for swimming in the larger pool next term.

If you have any queries, or would like to visit pre-nursery, please speak to Mrs Chisale or a member of her team.

This term, we will look at Water: where water comes from and what it's used for. Most of the activities will be done using water, for example bubble games and washing toys.

Outdoor Activities