Class Teacher - Mrs Chisale

Teaching Assistants - Davie and Praise

Term 1 Newsletter and Time table
I would like to welcome you all to another exciting year. It's a very hot month and I hope the children will enjoy this school term. I always encourage outdoor activities when we have this weather.
1 pre-nursery curriculum newsletter term
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Welcome to Pre-Nursery Class

First Term is very exciting and the Topic for the school is "Who was Sir Harry?" We will be focusing much on what toddlers play and share toys. We will be doing water games since it's very hot and and play dough activities. We have bicycles and cars which they'll play with . We have a Theme Book every 2 weeks which focuses on different things surrounding as.  COVID-19 measures is still observed. (COVID IS REAL)



If you have any queries, or would like to visit pre-nursery, please speak to Mrs Chisale or a member of her team.