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Year 11 Curriculum Newsletter Term 3
Year 11 curriculum newsletter term 3 202
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English Language and Literature

Year 11 have been working diligently to understand their IGCSE text 'Purple Hibiscus'. They completed reading it and produced several high quality essays analysing key characters and themes. 


Students have been learning about similarity and congruence, angle properties and perimeter, area and volume of prisms.


This term students have been learning about reproduction in plants, reproduction in animals, inheritance and variation. The pictures below show students during class discussion


Students were discussing air and water and also acids and bases. In the pictures, students are doing acid base titration.


Students have been learning about electricity and magnetism covering static electricity, electric current, potential difference and  resistance.


Year 11 are preparing for a Geographical Investigation which will see them practise with the skills and knowledge they have to investigate the Geography of Zomba. We will create an investigation that will allow us to better understand how rivers change over their course by using the Shire River. We also want to test our understanding of urban areas by looking at the land quality around the City of Zomba

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Year 11 are moving on to practising the necessary writing skills in preparation for the June examinations. It is vital that we practise how we can infer using sources of information and effective explain our opinion to develop the traits of a good quality historian. 

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In Information Communication Technology, we have been looking at. communication and networks, styles in word production, spreadsheet modeling and website coding


This term we are looking at shops and shopping, public services and the natural environment and its related issues

Business Studies

In term 2, students have been learning about financial information and financial decisions.  This has included interpreting cash flow statements, income statements and balance sheets.


During Art lessons, students are learning to use different media to create interesting pieces.

Life Skills

During term 2, year 11 have been learning about being an active citizen.  Later in the term they will move on to careers education..  .



This term in Swimming we will work on drills that help to advance the development of form and fluidness in the water. We will also work on creating strength so that they can develop their ability and endurance against pressure.