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Term 3 Newsletter and Timetable
Year 11 Curriculum Newsletter Term 3.pdf
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Students in Year 11 split into two groups - one for Literature, one for Language.

Literature students having been working collaboratively on their essays in preparation for their exams, whilst Language students have been researching material in support of their oral presentations.


Year 11 students calculating sides and angles in trigonometry


This term, we are doing the remaining topics of Inheritance, Variation and Biotechnology. we have also started doing our IGCSE preparation.


Students have been discussing Electricity and Chemistry. 


This term we stared by looking at properties of waves and finished by looking at electricity and magnetism


Student and teacher discussing inflation and deflation


We have been studying the processes, formations and ways of managing rivers over the last few weeks in Geography. Students looked at the Likangala river and how it is managed.


In ICT we are focusing on excel formulas and web authoring,. Students are creating simple webpages in pairs and in groups.. In Excel they are calculating salary models and presenting the outcomes    


The year eleven students are looking at shopping. Their focus is on the vocabulary on different types of shops and materials found therein, cardinal numbers in relation to money and payments in French, as well as making orders for various products. 

Business Studies

During Business Studies, our Year 11 students have been busy finishing their IGCSE course.  They have been learning about analysis of accounts.


We have been exploring different media and techniques to design things and images that portray beauty in nature.

Life Skills

As part of our Careers Education Programme, year 11 students have been learning about the skills and qualities needed for employment.


This term students are focusing on basketball skills; positioning, scoring, defensive and attacking.


Lawn Tennis learning, (proper handling of a racquet when serving the ball), students are split into small groups to practice tennis skills and help each other 


Our Year 11 students have been working hard to achieve their swimming distance awards.