After-School Clubs

Board Games Club

The club aims to promote board games as a recreational activity that boost students' problem-solving skills and social interaction

Science Club

The objective of the club is to provide an opportunity for students to enhance their scientific knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and cultivate a passion for science

Music Club

The club was started to give the students a platform to express themselves musically. Musically not being limited to just singing, but also producing, writing and learning instruments. We would also like to put a school choir together

Dance Club

The club equip Students with different dancing skills.

Zumba Club

Zumba club is all about exercises but in a fun dance way

Art Club

At our school, we value so much early skills development. Among the diverse skills we offer, we place a special emphasis on nurturing novice painters. We believe that these youngsters have the makings of really gifted artists. Our efforts go beyond individual talent honing; they also align with Malawi 2063—enabler number five—which is devoted to national growth with a focus on Human Capital Development. The pictures show a few of the enjoyable painting sessions we have held with our primary students during the Art club meeting. That's extremely cute, isn't it? 😊🎨🤗

Cookery Club

Food is central to culture, identity, health, and life. Learning how to cook healthy and enjoyable meals is an important and valuable skill. Food brings people together and this club will do so in a way that integrates learning as well. The goals of this club are not only to cook these meals as a community but also to teach culinary skills and bring awareness.

Outdoor Games Club

Outdoor Games club involved tree climbing and Stuck in the Mud!!

Debate Club

IGSCE students participated in a debate about whether single-sex schools are beneficial for students. They both argued in a positive way and shared brilliant ideas.

Journalists Club

A group of our secondary students are looking at what makes a good news story. Practising these skills to write their own reports about what is happening in Sir Harry's. Look out for their stories in the weekly newsletter.