To be an international school that instils a life-long love of learning and equips learners with the knowledge and skills to achieve their full potential and become successful future leaders.



As a school community of children, staff and parents, we are committed to creating a safe, caring and inclusive environment, which respects and values each and every learner as an individual.


Together we are working to develop learners who are:

High achievers by becoming engaged learners, who are prepared to take risks and give every element of learning the best of their efforts; finding enjoyment in what they do, with high aspirations and expectations, for and of themselves.

Engaged thinkers, who can think creatively and critically, seeing ‘the other perspective’ and are able to help find solutions to problems they encounter; maturing into active participants rather than passive recipients.

Community builders, who listen to those around them, work collaboratively for the common good and consistently see the best in others; recognising, accepting and celebrating cultural differences.

Clear communicators, who are literate, numerate and able to utilise modern technologies; able to generate, organise and evaluate their ideas, in order to make themselves understood, whilst allowing the space and time to consider the views of others.

Outward looking, valuing others, contributing as global citizens to the environmental and social issues of the day; developing and sharing their unique, creative talents with others, freely and compassionately.


Our core values include the following:

1) Excellence: we strive to be outstanding in all our endeavours.

2) Integrity: we do the right thing at the right time, always.

3) Inclusiveness: we provide equal access and opportunities to everyone regardless of academic ability, gender, race and socio-economic status.

4) Teamwork: we believe in collaborative effort to achieve a common goal.

5) Respect: we care about people and treating everyone well.

6) Responsiveness: we provide positive timely responses.

7) Openness: we welcome new ideas and opinions.

8) Resilience: we don’t give up in the face of challenge.