Teacher: Miss Fiona Knott

Teaching Assistant: Catherine

Term 2 Newsletter
Malumbe newsletter Jan 2023.pdf
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We are using the class text Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce to inspire our writing this term. We have written letters, newspaper articles and a short story using the characters from the novel. We are also sharpening our comprehension skills in particular using inference skills and writing summaries. We have enjoyed using drama activities to inspire our writing.  


This term we are applying our number skills to solve ratio and proportion problems and to understand the basics of algebra. We will also look at geometry including using coordinates in all four quadrants. As always, we are enjoying our daily mental maths sessions and pushing ourselves to complete timed mental maths addition, subtraction and times tables challenges. 


This term we have learned about Space and the solar system and practised our explanation skills in making presentations on day and night. We are also learning about the human circulatory system and nutrition. 


We have learned about the Space Race and considered the concept of conflict between nations and how it can help or hinder progress. We have also developed our understanding of bias and propaganda.  


As well as learning about safer internet use, we have been using the laptops to make databases and analyse data. We are using spreadsheets to help us perform calculations and make plans. 


We have developed our 3D effect in painting by studying the planets. We are now moving on to develop sewing skills by making a space themed mobile out of felt.