Class Teacher - Miss Watson

Teaching Assistant - Dan and Caroline

Term 1 Newsletter and Timetable
Songani Curriculum Newsletter Term 1.pdf
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Maths Week

We had so much fun in maths week! We investigated money through coin rubbings and guessing what coins are in my wallet. We also made plans for our new role play area - an Icecream Shop. We have been using our money skills to buy icecreams and drinks using the correct amounts. 

We also looked at time and made some guesses about what we could do in a minute. Look at the pictures of us trying different things for 1 minute: balancing, sleeping, being quiet and star jumps.

We also played a whole school game of guessing how many cubes were in the tub. Look at our guesses! Tsogolo was our closest estimate so he won a prize. Well done!

People Who Help Us

We are really enjoying our topic of 'People Who Help Us'. We have looked at different professions in our community and now understand how important they are. We really loved our construction area where we saw what it was like to be a builder. We made our own hammers using junk modelling. We also went to the school building site and spoke to a manager about what it is like to build a hostel. 

World Book Day

We had great fun celebrating 'World Book Day'! We did lots of activities: making our own finger puppets, making bookmarks, acting out stories and ideas, reading books in our book corner and taking our own pictures in the 'selfie' booth!

We also had to listen out for the bell. When we heard it, it was time to STOP, DROP and READ!

Our Christmas Party!

We had a wonderful class party to finish our first term of learning! We came to school in our own clothes. Can you see Santa in our classroom!? Thank you to all the parents for the delicious food you brought in for our party. We also enjoyed playing some Christmas party games.

Phonics sounds

Over the holiday please feel free to practise our phonics sounds. If you would like to learn how to pronounce these sounds and the accompanying action, watch the video below. 

Science week 16th - 20th November

Sorting materials based on their properties:

We started our science week by looking at the property of some materials. We used our sense of touch to decide if objects were 'hard' or 'soft' and sorted them accordingly. 

Celebrating our diversity:

Then we looked at our diverse planet: people. We looked particularly at Diwali, the festival of lights, which is celebrated by Hindus. We learnt all about this 5 day celebration including how they celebrate: making rangoli patterns, tidying the house and giving old toys away, Diwali food, Diva lamps and fireworks. We finished the week with paper chain people, thinking about the different people we know and have learnt about.

Rangoli patterns:

Diva lamps molded from salt dough, cooked and then painted colourfully.

Colourful finish on Friday

We finished our week in colourful style! 

On Friday we made a huge Rangoli pattern to welcome the goddess Lakshmi to our school. We also made our own during our morning activities.

We also made diverse people paper chains. Come and see our new display!

Going on a bear hunt!

We have been looking at the story 'We are going on a bear hunt'. We have been retelling the story and acting it out. We have also been making homes for bears in dens and caves. 

Maasai necklaces

We have been making jewellery like the Maasai including necklaces and bracelets. Look how beautiful we are!

Our new water area

We have been busy making our outdoor area full of learning opportunities. We have a new water area! We have enjoyed pouring carefully and seeing how the water moves from one place to another. We are experimenting with pouring at different speeds and seeing what happens next. We've been making tea and cake for all our friends, yummy!

Our topic this term: Africa

This term we are learning through our topic Africa. We have really enjoyed learning about Tanzania and Maasai tribes. We enjoyed being Maasai warriors and seeing how high we could jump. The Maasai believe the higher you can jump, the stronger you are! We have read the story 'We all went on Safari' and learnt to count in Swahili. We have looked at what animals you might find in Tanzania and been on our own safari. We even made our own binoculars so we could look carefully and count the animals.