Class Teacher - Miss Watson

Teaching Assistant - Uncle Ben

Term 1 Newsletter and Timetable
Songani Curriculum Newsletter Term 1.pdf
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Songani classroom

This is how we like to learn in Songani class!

The Hungry Caterpillar

We have been reading the story of The Hungry Caterpillar. We are super stars at retelling the story now! It was really cool to explore this story through different mediums like sensory play; look what is in the caterpillar's tummy!


We enjoyed learning about sounds in our environment and nature noises. More recently we have learnt the sounds of the letters m, a, d, s, t, i and n. It is really fun doing a phonics sound hunt!

Nature: our topic this term

We have been enjoying our topic this term on nature. We have been building and making using natural objects. We made butterflies, snakes and also a house using blocks. It was funny when we added the toilet and sink! Sometimes we pretend to go camping and build a fire. We cook food like rice and sleep in our tents.