Class Teacher - Miss Watson

Teaching Assistant - Dan and Caroline

Term 3 Curriculum Newsletter
Songani Curriulum Newsletter Term 3 2020
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Wobbly teeth

In our topic 'all about me' we learn everything about our wobbly teeth. Why do they start to get loose, how do we keep our teeth healthy, etc. In our role play area we are able to visit the dentist to have our teeth checked.

Trip to the hospital

We went to Zomba Central Hospital to find out how to take a x-ray and an ultrasound. We saw the dark room, the x-ray machine, the cassette and we even listened to the heartbeat of a little baby. We said 'thank you' to the radiologist with a little present and a picture.

Welcome back!

Welcome back after the Christmas holidays! We are happy to meet again after the holidays and we are welcoming two new children in our Songani Class. It was great to catch up in the first week: telling each other stories about the holidays, finding out how many sounds we still remember and playing and learning in our role play area.

Role play 'Hospital'

We started our new topic 'All about me'. We decided to set up a hospital in our role play area. We will learn about our body parts, our senses and all about the different roles in a hospital and their tasks (nurse, doctor, patient). We have to sign in at the reception (writing activities), count the tablets when we hand out the patient's medication (counting activities) and write a report about the patient showing the heart beat, temperature, height, weight and the reason for coming to the hospital (writing/reading/maths activities). 

'Read the room'

Once a week we're going for a sound hunt or word hunt in our classroom. It's called 'Read the room': walking around in pairs, looking for sounds, sounding them out, writing them on our whiteboards and sharing all the sounds you found on the carpet with your friends...... great learning!

DT Day