Class Teacher - Miss Matumula

Teaching Assistant - Caroline

Term 2 Newsletter
Songani newsletter Jan 2023.pdf
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Our learning in Maths

We are learning to compare mass this term and what a joy it will be! Our Chinese dragon Ping will help us weigh different objects around the school while our toy friends: Mickey More Than and Lucie Less than will us to balance scales and use vocabulary such as "heavier, lighter, greater or smaller!"

Our topic this term: Toys

Toys are so exciting! One thing that has really caught our attention is how they are made. Our roleplay area has changed into a toy factory for us to make our very own toys and play inside of. There is a planning section where we design and plan our toy making process and different materials to choose - to help bring our toy making dreams to life!

Show and Tell

One of our favourite parts of the week is Show and Tell on Friday. We love seeing what our friends bring from home and asking them questions about it. 


We enjoyed learning about sounds in our environment. We have learnt igh and ie and went on a sound hunt to find some missing sounds!