Class Teacher - Mrs Ju-Koningswoud

Teaching Assistant - Ben

Term 1 Timetable
Weekly Timetable Songani Term 1
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Term 1 Curriculum Newsletter
Curriculum Newsletter Term 1 2018 Songani
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Food from the past (DT Day)

For DT Day this term the whole school was preparing food from the past. Our Songani Class was cooking nsima, vegetables and bean soup. We went to the market to buy charcoal, flour and vegetables. We had great help from Liya's Mum, Dylan's Mum and Dylan's grandparents. After cutting, washing, cooking and preparing everything it was finally time to enjoy the yummy food!

Trip to the construction site

We visited a construction site because of our great learning is about how our school was built in the past. We saw the cement mixer, the construction workers measuring the ground and using the bricks to build the new building, etc. 

Topic: the history of Sir Harry's

In 1959 they were planting a tree in front of our school. Mr. Ben could tell us everything about it. We went to the new Secondary building to have a look and planted our own 'Songani tree' in the garden there. 

The History of Sir Harry's

Our first topic is 'The History of Sir Harry's'. This is a whole school topic. In our Songani Class we will be focusing on 'Time travel....me and my school'. In our role play area we have a buidling site at the moment. That's the place where our construction workers are making plans and realizing the most impressive buildings.