Welcome to Songani Class!

I hope you have an enjoyable year with us. We just finished settling in and are ready for a term of exciting wet & watery learning!


Class Teacher - Miss Matumula

Teaching Assistant - Caroline and Praise


This term our theme will be ‘Water’. We will be learning about water and it’s use in our communities and why it is so important. This could include: where to find water, how to describe water and what forms water takes. There will be opportunity to explore this through role play, turning our classroom into a Waterboard office, which will in turn give children the opportunity to understand how our water is spread throughout our community.  


Did you know there were so many different ways to learn Math? We are exploring a wide range of Math topics this term in many different ways! Take a look.


We enjoyed learning about sounds in our environment. We revised many different sounds and gone on a sound hunt to find missing sounds from our classroom! We will soon put sounds together and read some words!

Physical Education