Our Parent Teacher Association organises various social events to raise funds for the school.

Sponsored Swim

In February 2019, we organised a Sponsored Swim. Our children amazed us with their determination to keep going!  The money raised will be donated to Operation Smile. 

Christmas Fair

In November 2019, we held our Christmas Fair.  We even had a visit from Father Christmas!!

International Food Night

In September 2019, we organised an International Food Night and had dishes from across the world.  Lots of people came along to enjoy the evening!

Music Night

In June 2019, we held a very successful Music Night.  Well done to all of the performers (children, staff and the wider community).

Bingo Night

In May 2019, we held our annual Bingo Night.  This was a fun, family evening, enjoyed by children, parents and the wider community.

Diamond Dinner and Dance

In March 2019, we held a Dinner and Dance to celebrate the school's 60th anniversary.