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15th March 2019


Dear Parents/carers,

 Star of the Week/Principal Awards



Takomerwa Chigeda


Dylan Limuwa


Chanju Phiri


Rachel Madaka


Chimango Banda


Luseshelo Simbeye


Lindi Boti Phiri


James Mdyanyama


This Week

Secondary Parent Consultations

On Tuesday we had our Secondary Parent Consultations.  This was a chance for parents to meet with their child’s specialist teachers.

Primary Inter Schools Netball and Tag Rugby Tournament – Tomorrow

Tomorrow we will be hosting the Association of International Malawi Schools (AIMS) Netball and Tag Rugby Tournament. We would be grateful if parents could bake a cake to be sold at this event.


Next Week

Secondary Exam Fortnight

For the next two weeks our Secondary students will be completing their termly examinations.

Year 5/6 Blantyre Trip

Next Tuesday Year 5/6 will be spending the day in Blantyre.  They will be visiting Phoenix School to watch their performance of The Tempest. They will also be visiting Chichiri Museum.

Secondary School Information Evening

Next Thursday we are organising a Secondary School Information Evening for the parents of years 5 and 6 who were not able to attend our Open Morning.


Football Academy

Each Saturday, from 2pm to 4pm, we have a Football Academy for children aged 9 to 18. This takes place on the school field. The cost for each session is K500.


 Term Dates



16th March

Primary Inter Schools Netball and Tag Rugby Tournament (held at Sir Harry’s)

1st April

Secondary Multi Sports Festival

18th March


Start of Secondary Exam Fortnight


3rd April

KS1 Play 6:00pm

19th March

Year 5/6 to Phoenix School to watch ‘The Tempest’ 7:00am

5th April

Global Arts Morning


21st March

Secondary School Information Evening for Parents of Children in Years 5 and 6 5:30pm

10am Year 5/6 Parents Invited to Lunch

30th March

60th Anniversary Dinner and Dance 6:30pm

End of Term 11:00am Finish


As always if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely,

James Elford (Principal)