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Sir Harry’s Weekly News


Dear Parents/Carers,

Congratulations to this week's stars of the week and principal's award winners, listed below. 

Star of the Week / Principal Awards



Miranda Misolo


Prince Mzungu


Favour Gomani


Bethel kayange


Thulamire Phalira


Caritas Mkomba


Thumelo Mweso


Ulemelero Kapalamula


Year 7

Reshma Banda

Year 8

Xaithwa Mwangala

Year 9

Prayer Kadyoma

Year 10

Alinuswe Nkangama

Year 11

Asante Chalamanda

Dates for your diaries

Term 2 (12 Weeks)

Friday 16 February 2024 – End of first half term, boarders depart (11 O’clock)

Monday 19 February to Friday 23 February 2024 – Half Term Holiday (Week 7)

Sunday 25 February 2024 – Boarders arrive

Monday 04 March 2024 – Public Holiday – Martyr’s Day

Thursday 28 March 2024 – Last day of term

Scholarly visit by Professor Ken Lipenga jnr

During the week, Professor Ken Lipenga Jnr came to teach Dedza class how to write a travelogue. Our goal at Sir Harry's is to build and develop brilliant and great minds who will be ready to hustle through university education and life!

Pretty Little Smiles!

By Chikondi Lungu, Lusubilo Munthali, Kuhudas Limbani, Rehana Banda and Alinuswe Mkangama.

On the 8th February, Mr. Scott, Miss Tapiwa and the prefects visited Zomba Central Hospital with the intention of re-establishing the sponsorship link between Sir Harry’s and Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is an organisation which mainly supports small children with cleft lips, They performed surgery on the patients in an attempt to fill the gap in their lips. As a school, we want to help out by hosting fundraisers like sponsored swims, sponsored runs, etc. This is where students will swim/run for a distance and be paid depending on how much they continue with the activity, then all of the money goes to the office and is sent to the organisation.

As of now, the school is planning to start hosting fundraising events again after a long time due to COVID-19. These events will be planned and organised by the new prefects.

Geog around Zomba!

By Matilda Banda, Jack Dauya, Terrence Phiri and Wathu Phambala

On Saturday 10th February our year 11 geography students went out of school to investigate the land quality around Zomba, with Mr. Garrett. They first went to Zomba market, then they proceeded to Masanche Road. It was here where pupils also got some refreshments at Kips and Steers; they continued to their final destination at the old capital buildings. At each site they had to complete land quality surveys to test their hypothesis that the further you move away from the centre of an urban area, the land quality improves. Students were looking at the traffic, air quality, and greenspace in each of these areas.

Career Opportunity talk by Ms. Mwabi

On Monday, our year 11 students attended a highly informative session from Ms. Mwabi from Education USA. They learned a lot about potential study opportunities and the process to follow.

Principal’s Message

1, Exam classes Y6, 9,  11
Please ensure you pay your exam fees by 27th February.

May each candidate come to school after half term with two passport size photos for their exam IDs.


2. Zomba City Festival2024 - Broken but Beautiful Arts Installation

The school will partner with others to participate in this installation for the festival.

We require all your broken, unwanted, unloved jewelry to help create this piece of art.

Please send them in after half term it will be greatly appreciated.


3. A huge thank you to our outgoing Y11 prefects, as they focus on their studies we will announce our new cohort after half term.

Kind regards

I look forward to working together with the whole team at Sir Harry's to continue providing the best education for all our students.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or stop in at the office to speak to a member of the management team. 

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Scott Georgeson