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 21st September 2018


Dear Parents/carers,


Star of the Week/Headteacher Awards



Akonda Jamali


Dylan Limuwa


Khalil Mussa


David Chunga


Onivaha Kamwendo


Kuhudas Limbani


William Kittelberger


Adam Thompson

Welcome to new children


We have had more children enrol at Sir Harry’s Secondary.  I am pleased to welcome:  Tadala Phiri (Year 7) and Paul Gonani (Year 9).

This Week:

Anzathu AGM

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Anzathu AGM.  The minutes are on display on the noticeboard in the car park.  The new committee consists of: Anja Scheepers (Chair), Misrak Amberbir (Vice Chair), Monika Thompson (Secretary) and Trang Vo (Treasurer).

History Talks


On Thursday we had a visit from Steven Carr (a local resident).  He talked to Years 5/6 and Years 7/8 about the history of Zomba and how the town has changed over the 30 years he has lived here.


Next Week:

KS3 Design Technology Day (Secondary) – Tuesday 25th September

On Tuesday our students in Years 7 to 9 will be taking part in a food technology day.

Year 7/8 History Tour (Secondary) – Thursday 27th September

On Thursday our Year 7/8 will be going on a guided tour of Zomba to learn more about its history.

Anzathu Meeting – Friday 28th September 7am


On Friday please join us for an Anzathu (Friends) Meeting, where we will begin planning for International Food Night. 


School Council

Our school council plays an important role in embedding democratic principles across the school and encouraging leadership.  This week the children elected their new representatives:

Faith Bakuwa (Year 1), Reshma Banda (Year 2), Mathias Hai Vo Skorve (Year 3), Saron Amberbir (Year 4), Rehana Banda (Year 5), Richard Tambulasi (Year 6), Alemekezeke Chinyamu (Year 8), Aisha Abdul Razzak (Year 9), Aamir Dodiya (Year 10)



Key Dates:


25th September

KS3 Design Technology Day

27th September

Year 7/8 History Tour 

28th September

7am Anzathu Meeting

4th October

Primary Design Technology Day

5th October

5:30pm International Food Night

10th – 12th October

Year 5/6 Residential

15th October

Public Holiday (Mothers’ Day)

16th October

4pm – 6pm Primary Parent Consultations

17th October

2pm – 4pm Primary Parent Consultation

18th – 19th October

Year 3/4 Residential

22nd – 26th October

Half Term



As always if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely,


James Elford (Principal)