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13th September 2019


Dear Parents/carers,


Star of the Week/Principal Awards



Lindiwe Nyoni


Anwara Milanzi


Khumbo Munthali


Yamiko Jumbo


Kelvin Lijoni


Tupoche Maulidi


Mosteena Kalongolera


Moses Ziyaya





Welcome to new students


We would like to welcome the following new students to Sir Harry’s:


Praise Mulimba (Year 4), Prayer Kadyona (Year 5), Esther Ziyaya (year 10) and Moses Ziyaya (Year 10),



This Week


Meet the Teacher


We hope everyone who attended our ‘Meet the Teacher’ events found them useful.  If you have any further questions about your child’s learning please speak to their class teacher in the primary school or form tutor in the secondary school. 




Next Week


International Food Night – Friday 20th September


Next Friday, Anzathu will be holding an International Food Night in the school hall.  Parents are encouraged to bring a dish from their own country or from a country which they particularly like the food.  We will add this to the banquet which everyone will share.  This is a great way to get involved in school life, meet new people and enjoy some delicious food!  Drinks will also be on sale.  Please note that children must be accompanied by an adult.



Stay updated


To keep up to date with school events please visit our Facebook page


or website



Key Dates


20th Sept

International Food Night 5:30pm

12th Nov

Primary Design Technology Day

24th Sept

Primary Problem Solving Day

15th Nov

Anzathu Meeting 7am

Songani Class Assembly 7:30am

2nd Oct – 4th Oct

Year 5/6 Residential

16th Nov

Primary Hockey – St Andrew’s Primary

7th Oct

Primary Parent Consultations 4pm-6pm

18th – 22nd Nov

Primary Science Week

8th Oct

Primary Parent Consultations 2pm-4pm

18th – 29th Nov

Secondary Exam Fortnight

10th Oct – 11th Oct

Year 3/4 Residential

27th Nov

Primary Swim Squad Gala 2pm

14th Oct – 18th Oct

Half Term

29th Nov

Chiradzulu Class Assembly 7:30am

29th Oct

Primary House Hockey 8am – 10am

30th Nov

Christmas Fair 9am – 1pm

30th Oct

Secondary Parent Consultations 3pm-6pm

2nd Dec

KS3 Design Technology Day

1st Nov

Nawimbe Class Assembly 7:30am

4th Dec

KS2 Matinee 9am

4th Nov

Primary and Secondary House Gala 10am-1pm

5th Dec

Secondary French Café 12pm

KS2 Play 6pm

8th Nov

Secondary Night Gala – Bishop Mackenzie

6th Dec

Class Parties, Christmas Singalong 10:15am, End of Term 11am



As always if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely, James Elford (Principal)