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Year 7 Curriculum Newsletter and Timetables Term 3
Year 7 curriculum Newsletter term 3.pdf
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This term students will focus on developing their writing skills, and text analysis through poetry and short stories. Some students excelled in their end of term exams, with marks above 80%, showcasing some of the key skills necessary for fluid and captivating writing.I


This term we have been learning about formula and substitution, sequences and now we are doing cubes and cuboids. The pictures below show some students during peer discussions.


This term we were learning the physics part of the syllabus; measurement, forces and energy. The pictures below show students measuring mass using a mass balance and forces using spring balance

The pictures below show students' use concepts of elastic potential energy to make a propeller for a bottle boat. The Materials were rubber bands, bottle and pieces of trees.


Students this term have been presenting on the French immediate future and past tenses, selling and buying food.


This term we are learning about different types of communications and how to communicate effectively using modern Technology.  


In practical, students are working on graphic manipulation and document creation basics. 


Throughout this term the Yr 7 have taken a trip back through time to the Roman Empire. They have discovered the origins of The Roman Empire and the impacts that the Roman's industry, culture and religious beliefs have had on our world.  


This term in geography we are focusing weather and climate. students are researching different climatic zones in the world and producing models on volcanoes.



This term in Art we have explored working with natural materials. Materials that have been located around the campus were used to create natural and geometric shapes and objects. Students are exploring the multipurposeful uses of clay while shaping and detailing them with tools to create objects, designs and shapes. 


In music, we have looked at performance and working together in groups to play a piece of music choosen by the students. We have also explored different compositions in genres seperating different types of instruments within a musical track. 

Life Skills

During term 3, year 8 have been learning about marriage, family life, how can a person contribute to family life, friendship. how to deal with gambling, what influences our spending food and water.


In PE we are focusing on a combination of techniques that allow for the students to build endurance as athletes. Building strength and flexibility first comes with the ability to perservere in times of hardship. One must first cultivate discipline of mind.