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Year 7 Curriculum Newsletter and Timetables Term 3
Year 7 curriculum Newsletter term 3.pdf
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This term students will focus on developing their writing skills, and text analysis through poetry and short stories. Some students excelled in their end of term exams, with marks above 80%, showcasing some of the key skills necessary for fluid and captivating writing.


This term we have been learning about formula and substitution, sequences and now we are doing cubes and cuboids. The pictures below show some students during peer discussions.


We have started this term by learning about properties of materials and learning acids and bases. The pictures below show students observing and doing experiments with acids and bases, observing different colors of substances in the universal indicator and performing neutralization reactions

The pictures below show students' projects on properties of different materials they found around campus. 


Students this term are describing where they live, their houses and activities they do in different parts of the house


This term we are learning about different types of communications and how to communicate effectively using modern Technology.  


In practical, students are working on graphic manipulation and document creation basics. 


Throughout this term the Yr 7 have taken a trip back through time to the Roman Empire. They have discovered the origins of The Roman Empire and the impacts that the Roman's industry, culture and religious beliefs have had on our world.  


Maps and mapping skills is our topic this term. students have been learning about types of maps, scale, map symbols and importance of maps 


In this term students focused on understanding what religion is, as well as studying specific religious places of worships; following this up with the significance and importance of religious rites of passage.


Art is an Expression of Life, This Term in Art we will focus on Architecture and Design; Focusing on our ability to create shapes and lines in a unique way. Functionality will be essential in developing buildings and structures.


The Term in Music with Year 7 we focus on finding their sound. We will go over the history of genres and begin to discuss favourite types of music. Furthering how music forms in relationship to culture and mood.

Life Skills

During term 2, year 7 will be learning about peer pressure and drugs.  They will then go on to learn about rights and responsibilities.



In Swimming the first step we focus on is Confidence. Confidence is both important in the water and out of the water, it allows the students to have greater ability in developing their strokes. In This term, Year 7 will develop endurance and work on progressing the technique of their stroke.