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Term 2 Newsletter and Timetable
Year 7 Curriculum Newsletter Term 2.pdf
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Students spent some time outside the classroom honing their sensory writing. By using strategies designed to improve mindfulness they were able to capture and describe the world around them.


Students this second part of the term have been learning angle properties and many of them have shown great interest and mastery of concepts in the work they were given.


Students discussing types of forces  and their importance


In french our focus is on the house or "la maison" and we are looking at describing the house you live in in terms of features like size, number of rooms and their descriptions (items found in each room) and location. Prepositions like dans, sous, sur and par terre are so useful with regard to the topic.


The Chinese courses provided by Confucius Institute at University of Malawi provide the students the opportunities to learn basic Chinese and experience the diverse Chinese culture.


Students this term are focusing on internet safety . they identified online hazards and explain how to stay safe online. they produced articles, posters and magazine covers explaining online safety 


In geography this term they have been learning about volcanoes and earthquakes. they conducted different experiments to showcase how volcanoes erupt. students are looking into details the side effects of volcanism and how is it connected to earthquakes.


This term we have been looking at different creation stories for various religions. some of them include; Muslim, Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism   


This term students have been learning how to draw human hands. As observational drawing, they have been using pictures and their own hands as reference.


This term we have been working on major scales and simple melodies in simple time signatures.

Life Skills

During Life Skills, Year 7 have been learning about HIV and AIDS.  They have created role plays to encourage people not to stigmatise anyone who is HIV positive. 


 This term in PE students are learning how to shoot, using a tennis racket.


Our Year 7 students have been working hard to achieve their swimming distance awards.