Class Teacher - Mrs Midian

Teaching Assistant - Mavis

Term 1 Newsletter and Timetable
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Welcome to Nawimbe Class!

Welcome to our page. Happy new year! we hope you had a lovely festive season holiday, we are looking forward to another academic term with lots of learning and fun in year 2.


Our class books this term are Lila and the secret of the rain, Mufaro's beautiful daughters and Little red and the very hungry lion. We will  learning about parts of speech, punctuation marks, and the use of verb tenses, adverbs and adjectives in our narrative writing.


This term in Mathematics, the children will build up on their understanding of  number sense. We will be looking at place value, addition and subtraction and multiplication and division.


Our topic this term is Living things. we have started by looking at plants and after the half term they will learn about animals including human beings. In Geography they will be learning about farms and season. In Art the children will learn about colour creations and the importance of colours in our everyday life.

Art and Design Technology

In Art, we are looking at colour creations, primary and secondary colour and also uses and importance of colours in our every day life. In DT the children designed and made sandals.


Sports and PE

We our focusing on Rugby and Netball this term in preparation to our competitions this year. The children are still continuing their 15 minute daily mile run in order to imp[rove their fitness levels.


We have been exploring rhythm with percussion instruments. We used symbols to write a composition.