Term 2 Newsletter and Timetable
Year 2 Curriculum Newsletter Term 2.pdf
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Class Teacher - Mrs. Vungani Midian

Teaching Assistants - Patrick and Chifundo 

Welcome to Nawimbe Class!

Year 2 class of 2021, third term. We have come so far and what an exciting journey it has been. Our topic this term is 'Our Five Senses' and we exploring are exploring it using our different subjects with fun filled activities. 


This term we are doing some recaps on Letter Writing, Diaries, Poems and Narratives. Our class texts will be from 'The Little Red Hen', 'Ginger Breadman', 'The Diary of a Killer Cat', 'Owl Diaries' and 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory'. The children will be doing a lot of writing with both fiction and non fiction texts. 


Check out some of our exciting math activities! This term focus will be on Measurement: Length, Height, Time, Mass, Capacity, and Temperature and in Geometry: Position and Direction.    


Our topic this term is 'Our Five Senses'. The children took a sensory walk around the school and wrote something about what they experienced using their five senses. they are also looking at how the world would be if we never had our five senses.

Science and DT

In Science, Year 2 is focusing on 'Animals, including humans. They will be doing awesome activities on life cycles, basic needs of animals, including humans for survival and do some explanation text on the importance of exercises, eating right and hygiene. 

In DT, children will be making some bread with focus on five senses.




In art, year twos will be using different materials to paint and create pieces of art with focus on senses. 

Sports and PE


This term's sports focus is athletics, gymnastics and dance.


Performance and main focus is on singing with good diction, in tune, and at a steady beat.