Class Teacher - Mr Chelewani

Teaching Assistant - Gift

Term 2 Class Timetable
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Term 2 Curriculum Newsletter
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Welcome to Nawimbe Class!

This is the first term of our school year and the children are already settling in well and enjoying their great learning. 


We have started this term by looking at the book ''Mr Magnolia and later in the term we will read Fantastic Mr Fox.

We are encouraging the children to use punctuation in their independent writing and focusing on using more complex forms, such as apostrophes and speech marks. We are also working on encouraging children to add more detail to their writing (by using adjectives and adverbs).  The children will continue to develop communication skills through regular speaking and listening activities including reading, acting and expressing feelings. Where possible we will make links to our topic.


This term in Mathematics, the children will continue to develop their understanding of addition and subtraction. This will be taught through a problem solving approach, involving number and money. Other aspects of mathematics including learning about place value, solving shape and space problems and measuring length and weight. Where possible a strong emphasis will be placed on supporting children on learning their number bonds to 10, 20, 50 and 100.


In Science we have been looking at Scientists from the past. We have looked at Isaac Newton and we will look at Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Fleming, Joseph Lister, Florence Nightingale among others. The children will conduct their investigations and experiments based on other scientific discoveries.

Art and Design Technology

In Art, we have started the term by looking at colour creations and importance of colours. On Design and Technology Day we will cook potatoes mixed with groundnut flour (locally known as Futali)


Our focus this term will be developing skills in hockey and swimming.  We will be helping the children to become water confident.