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Term 2 Newsletter and Timetable
Year 8 and 9 Curriculum Newsletter Term
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Students have been studying newspaper articles and looking at different styles of writing. They have based their work on The Highwayman, a poem by Alfred Noyes.


This term,, amongst other topic's, students have learnt about angles and their properties, simultaneous equations and algebra.. Throughout the term students worked in pairs, groups and individually.    


Students have been studying organ systems this second half of the term starting with the digestive system and we now doing the circulatory system. The pictures below shows students doing class discussions on the digestive system.


Public information systems is the topic for this term. students are researching different ways of communicating to a larger audience. some are creating webpages in groups, applying skills of web authoring thy acquired last term. 


In geography we are looking on a topic Development. Our main focus is on international development, interdependence of countries, in terms of development, and poverty in less developed countries. 

Religious Education

We have been talking about different religions and what they believe in, the Religions discussed include; Mormonism, Humanism, Christianity and their pilgrimages, Islamic Pilgrimages 


In French our focus is on revising  last year's topic  "the house" or "la maison" and the related grammatical structures like "dans ma chambre il y a...." or " dans ma chambre j'ai/nous avons..." plus prepostions like entre,sous, sur etc. Students are involved in acting out and writing down role play scenarios.


The Chinese courses provided by Confucius Institute at University of Malawi provide the students the opportunities to learn basic Chinese and experience the diverse Chinese culture.


This term we have been learning how to draw human faces. With reference from photographs and other drawings we have looked at proportions, rough sketches, shading and blending using pencils. 


We have been working on key and time signatures, and learning some simple tunes in the same keys and simple rhythms. 

Life Skills

During Life Skills our Year 8/9 students have been creating role plays linked to sex and relationships education. 


Students have been learning lawn tennis.


Our Year 8/9 students have been working hard to achieve their swimming distance awards.