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Term 2 Timetable
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Term 2 Curriculum Newsletter
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We're currently looking at Descriptive Writing. Our next topics will include Diaries and Journals, Myths and Legends and Leaflets and reports.


We will build skills in reading comprehension and writing, whilst improving spelling and presentation.




Year 7 will look at integers, introducing equations, geometry and data handling.

Year 8 look at simultaneous equations, geometry and data handling.




The main focus this term is Physics:

Year 7's focus is measurements, forces and motion, energy transfers and the Earth and Beyond.

Year 8 will look at speed, sound, light and magnetism.




For the first half term we'll look at the Age of Exploration and complete a research project about a famous explorer. After half term the theme shifts to Geography and we'll learn about population and growth.



We'll study vocabulary for life around school, sports and hobbies, likes and dislikes and home life. We will strengthen speaking and listening skills, reading and writing.


Our students have been learning further vocabulary and more written and spoken communication skills.


Our students will work on collage, then make sculptures from clay.

In Music we build on composition using melody and harmony with major and minor chords.


Life Skills

In Life Skills, students have been learning about the dangers of smoking, alcohol and drugs.  They have enjoyed creating role plays about peer pressure.



Year 7/8 will continue to swim until half term, then move on to building Athletics skills in preparation for the inter-school Athletics competition. We'll also study fitness and cricket skills.


This term we're looking at using Publishing packages, then move on to databases and Excel