Memories of Sir Harry's

"I remember starting in the old school building before moving to the current site.  My mother, was one of the first teachers.  The sports field was dug out whilst we were there, and we all planted a tree around it.  I also remember the school had sheep to keep the bushes in check!" 

Viv Taylor, 1959-1960 (Currently living in England)


"I remember many happy days at Sir Harry's and learning to play the game stoolball."

Sally Dawson, 1960-1964 (Currently living in England)


"I have many fond memories from 55 years ago.  My most interesting memory was on 30th June 1966, it was the school sports day, but it was also the World Cup Final.  Many of the fathers were glued to their radios rather than supporting our races."

Roger Bayliss, 1964-1966 (Currently living in England)


I remember sports day, especially the wheelbarrow and egg and spoon race.  I also remember the swimming pool.  I don't think it has changed at all!  It was a pleasure to visit the school again after so many years.  It was lovely to see the school is thriving."

Patricia Chapman, 1964-1966 (Currently living in England) 


"I remember playing with friends, learning to swim in the pool, our school trip to Mulanje Mountain (where we stayed overnight in a mountain hut).  My headmaster was Bill Dunlop."

Neville Taylor, 1966-1968 (Currently living in Scotland) 


"I remember the swimming pool and the playground with the massive climbing frames.  I remember doing art on the easels in the assembly hall.  I remember marching on to the field on sports day and our parents all clapping.!"

Jill Knowles, 1970-1974 (Currently living in Scotland)


"I remember how beautiful the school was and how happy I was there.  It was the best time of my life."

Christina Smith, 1971-1975 (Currently living in Scotland)


"The school was very small then.  There were only three or four teachers and "Sir", the Head Teacher, who ruled with a rod of iron (and always wore shorts and long white socks).  Most of the children then were expatriates.  It was a happy school and I loved my time there."

Rosemary Short, 1975-1977 (Currently living in England)


"I remember running to school every day from Mountain Road.  I remember learning how to swim and boiled sweets being thrown into the pool for us to dive down and get.  It was a great school in a beautiful setting - lots of happy memories from those days."

Dr Tim Parratt, 1975-1978 (Currently living in Australia)


"I remember my swimming lessons (which I loved!)  I was called to see the headmaster one day, he was quite strict, so I was nervous.  When I got to his class he handed me a handkerchief which I'd misplaced a few days ago.  He'd washed it and ironed it for me."

Pavin Jussab, 1985-1987 (Currently living in England)


"I remember learning about birds with Mr Paul Jones (the Head Teacher), spotting a snake in the swimming pool, playing sports and making good friends."

Godfrey Moto, 1988-1994 (Currently living in Zomba, Malawi)


"I was a teacher at Sir Harry's for five years and it was a wonderful school.  I had five children and I had a child at the school for nineteen consecutive years."

Kathy Albright, 1995-2000 (Currently living in USA)


Bob Phillips (one of the school's alumni) has written a book "Climbing Out: the beginning of a life."  It includes some of his memories of his time as a student at Sir Harry's.  An extract from the book is attached below:    

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