Class Teacher - Miss Huntley

Teaching Assistant - Praise

Term 3 Timetable
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Term 3 Curriculum Newsletter
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In literacy we are continuing to develop our phonics to be able to blend sounds and read words. This term we are also beginning to develop writing by practising letter formation and phonetically spelling simple words. In reception we are writing through all possible mediums. We are writing with paint, sand, magnetic letters, whiteboard pens and of course some more traditional writing tools such as pens and pencils. This term we have been teaching literacy through pirate stories and songs. We have already enjoyed 'Portside Pirates', 'Pirates Love Underpants' and 'The Night Pirates'.


In our Maths this term we have been focussing on number. We have been applying our counting skills to real life situations (and some fantasy ones too). We, in Songani class, have also been practising simple addition and subtraction with numbers up to 10 and have been double amounts by using a wide variety of objects. Children are being given the opportunity to use their number skills through a range of mathematical investigations. 


Across the curriculum

We are developing our fine motor skills by doing  lots of finger play;  writing, tracing, colouring, cutting and pasting; drawing, painting, working with play dough and other tactile mediums; tap tap art and threading and lacing.   This all helps towards pencil control ; especially  forming our letters and numbers.  Weekly P.E. ,swimming,  music and movement,  and Chichewa  lessons all add to our fun learning schedule!

 There are always fun activities and opportunities for  learning through creative play