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Curriculum Newsletter Term 3
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Term 3 Timetable
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The focus for the next few weeks is Shakespeare's Macbeth.

We're reading the play together and discussing the text. There is lots of speaking and listening, reading aloud and performing.

We're also working on essay writing skills. Across the whole curriculum, the pupils are encouraged to research and report, using the best language and expanding on their points with details. We've also started referencing and using bibliographies to show where the research comes from.

These skills will continue to be important as they move through Secondary School and even into University.


Up and coming themes of work in Maths include Sequences, Functions and Graphs, Angles and their Properties and Area and Volume, as well as further study into interpreting data and graphs.


We're currently looking at Chemicals and properties of materials and elements, then we'll move on to looking at drugs and medication and the reproductive system.

Across the Curriculum

History has covered the international slave trade of the 15th-19th Century and the American Civil War. We'll move on to The Tudors and how they developed a global economy through religion, settlement and colonisation.

ICT is all about e-safety moving on to creating more interesting and effective documents. We'll look at Geography after the Easter Break

Art has looked at textiles and embroidery, moving on to ceramics

In RE we're comparing marriage and death ceremonies, comparing them in various faiths.

ICT will continue to look at the programming language of Python.

PE is continued swimming (including some life saving skills) and football; Chinese carries on with Miss Cao; French with Mr Gafala; and Music with Mrs Glissmann.  

Coming Up...

We're hoping to go on a class trip after the Easter Break. We are looking into spending 2 nights camping on a farm where the class will be able to compare their lives in Zomba with those living in a rural setting; they'll visit a small village and investigate what life is like there and the differences and similarities to their own; they will be given a tour of the farm, looking at arable and livestock farming; and also be given a chance to camp out, cook and live together for 2 and a half days!

More details at the parents' consultation meetings!