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Term 1 Timetable
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Curriculum Newsletter Term 3
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To finish the year, we will be looking at reviews and opinions in Newspapers, getting ready for our performance (more news to come on this) and finally we'll look into the history of the English Language. We'll continue to research and write up information in essays and reports.

These skills will continue to be important as they move through Secondary School and even into University.


We will end this year we'll work on enlarging shapes, further problem solving and word problems and algebra. We will also be revising work covered during the year.  


We're going to look at Chemistry around us, then looking into how our lives are affected by Science.

There will also be further opportunities to investigate practically using chemicals and we'll be working on our reporting and how to write a scientific conclusion.

Across the Curriculum

Geography will look into rivers and coasts, the processes that form them and how lives are affected by living near to them.

ICT is creating documents in an effective way, and presenting information in various ways.

Art will be landscaping and looking at animals in art.

In RE we're comparing childhood and rites of initiation.

PE is athletics, cricket and dance.

Chinese carries on with Miss Cao; French with Mr Gafala; and Music with Mrs Glissmann.  

Coming Up...

We're hoping to go on a class trip after the Half Term. We are looking into spending 2 nights camping on a farm where the class will be able to compare their lives in Zomba with those living in a rural setting; they'll visit a small village and investigate what life is like there and the differences and similarities to their own; they will be given a tour of the farm, looking at arable and livestock farming; and also be given a chance to camp out, cook and live together for 2 and a half days!

We'll also be performing in June... an evening of Shakespeare! More soon.