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Term 1 Timetable
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Term 1 Curriculum Newsletter
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In the first half term we are reading Wonder by JR Placio. This novel, set in America,, features a child with facial disfigurement and follows his first year at middle school.. It is told from many different points of view and tackles a wide range of themes. We will be using it as a basis for informal writing such as diary entries, emails, letters to friends and writing advice. We will also look at formal writing including letters of complaint. In the second half term we will read Tom's Midnight Garden by Phillipa Pearce and will be comparing a graphic novel version, and a televised drama to the original text.


We are beginning the year by consolidating our understanding of place value for numbers up to a million.. We will continue to focus on number, looking at mental and written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will do problem solving activities involving all of these operations to ensure a thorough understanding of the skills. We are also beginning to look at geometry, in particular measuring angles and understanding 3d shapes.


We are looking at the classification of living things and the work of Carl Linnaeus. We will also look at life cycles including pollination of plants. We will be doing a residential to Game Haven near Blantyre as part of our science topic. where we will get to see a wide range of plant and animal life.


Our topic for the first half term is Food Around the World. we will practise our map skills using atlases and online maps. We are having a visit from Casa Rossa who will teach us to make our own pasta and a simple sauce. We will also have a go at other recipes from around the world as part of our topic.