Class Teacher - Miss Huntley

Teaching Assistants - Ben and Catherine

Term 1 Timetable
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Term 1 Curriculum Newsletter
Chagwa Curriculum newsletter Term 1 2017
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The step up from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 is a big one and we have been working on a smooth and successful transition for our newly blended class. WE have been focusing on team building skills and group work in order to fully integrate the younger children coming up from year 2 with their older peers. In class, children have come together through drama and divided through debates to develop speaking and listening confidence as well as build relationships. 


This term our school-wide topic is food. We will be exploring food through all subjects. In history we will be looking at the history of food, looking at how food was prepared/eaten/enjoyed by people at different stages throughout history. In science we will investigating how food travels through the body as well as the effects that different types of food have on our body. In art we will be using food to inspire and indeed create as we focus on still life drawings and printing techniques. 



To start the term we are looking at number and place value to ensure that children are secure with the value of digits in numbers so that they are able to access other areas of maths. We will be applying this knowledge to mathematical operations and problems in class. 


In keeping with our topic, we are reading Ratburger in literacy lessons. In guided reading sessions we are analysing the text in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the story. In our writing we are producing recipes, persuasive leaflets and diary entries. We are having regular spelling and handwriting sessions to maintain a high standard of writing. 


During this first term we will be using different types of technology to access learning. We will be exploring how to make simple programs, research using a search engine and use Microsoft programs such as powerpoint and  publisher. We also use electronic devices to develop our phonics, maths skills and grammar by playing different educational games.

Thank You Casa Rossa

We have been lucky enough to have had a visit from the chefs from Casa Rossa this term. Silvia and her team came in to show us how to make different types of pasta; tagliatelle, cavicchi and butterfly pasta. This gave the children as chance to make their own pasta dough, see how the dough is fed through a pasta machine and even got to manipulate the pasta into individual pieces. It tasted pretty good too!