Class Teacher - Mr Delaney

Teaching Assistant - Vungani

Curriculum newsletter Term 3
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Chagwa Term 3 Timetable
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Class Camping Trip

On the 30th of March the vast majority of Chagwa Class hiked up the potato path to Zomba Plateau before camping overnight at the Trout Farm. It was a wonderful experience for both the adults and the children and, as ever, the children were incredibly impressive through all their trials and tribulations. It was a great trip - so here are some pictures!


This term our topic is water! We have begun the term by looking at different states of matter and will be looking at weather and the water cycle in the second half of the term!


This term we have already used many different styles of writing - we have been writing book reviews, diary entries and even writing letters to a school in the UK - hopefully we will hear back from them!



We have begun the term by learning new and different ways of using addition and subtraction such as expanded addition and decomposition - the class are really improving their understanding of place value! More recently we have been looking at units of measurement and converting between different measurements.


We are very excited to be learning about the different states of matter as it means we have had the opportunity to do many wonderful experiments and we even based our wonderful class assembly on the class' superb work this term. 

Using the thermometers was a great chance to use both our maths and science skills!


This term we are using photography in our artwork and making films in our computing lesson. To get used to using digital cameras we used different types for an afternoon - here are some of our first pictures!