Meet the Secondary Staff


Mr James Elford


Secondary Lead

Year 10 Form Tutor

Business Studies, History and Life Skills Teacher




Miss Simone Tulloch-Foley

Year 7 Form Tutor

English, History and Geography Teacher


Mr Justice Mkumbwa

Year 8 Form Tutor

French Teacher


Mr Emmanuel Mtema

Year 9 Form Tutor

Maths and Science Teacher


Mr Macbeth Kalino

Year 11 Form Tutor

Maths, Science and Economics Teacher


Mr Gift Chikopa

ICT and Geography Teacher



Mr Trevor Chimbalanga

Part Time Life Skills and RE teacher


Mr Marlon Miller

Part Time Swimming, Art and Music Teacher


Miss Tadala Tenthani

Part Time English Teacher


Mr Daniel Zuwangeti

Part Time Sports Coach


Mr Louis Kapwanya

Teaching Assistant