Children at Sir Harry's have many opportunities to excel in sports.

Primary Football Tournament

In May 2018, our football team competed at the Inter-schools Football Tournament at Hillview School.  We were impressed with the determination and resilience shown by our students.

Nursery and Primary Sports Day

In May 2018, we held a Sports Day for children from Pre-Nursery to year 6.  The first part of the day was a carousel of activities designed to develop the children's speed, agility, balance and team work.  The second part of the day was organised along the lines of more traditional races.

Secondary Multi-Skills Festival

In April 2018, our Secondary students took part in a multi-skills festival, which involved football, basketball, volleyball and swimming.

Netball and Tag Rugby Tournament

In March 2018, Sir Harry's was proud to host the Inter-Schools Netball at Tag Rugby Competition.  Congratulations to our Netball Team who achieved second place!

House Netball and Tag Rugby

In March 2018, we organised a House Netball and Tag Rugby Competition.  The Primary School participated in various competitions.  

Hockey Tournament

In November 2017, our children took part in a hockey competition against the other international schools at St Andrew's Primary School.

House Gala

In November 2017, we held our House Gala.  The children at Sir Harry's love swimming!  The House Gala is one of their favourite annual events. 

Secondary Night Gala

In November 2017, Sir Harry's Secondary participated in its first ever International School's Sporting Event at St Andrew's High School.

Swim Squad Gala

In November 2017, we held a Gala for our Primary and Secondary Swim Squad.  We were delighted with the progress the children were making with their swimming.

House Hockey

In October 2017, we held our House Hockey Competition.  During the event, the children in Chagwa and Malumbe Class played various matches against each other, whilst the younger children developed their skills.

House Dance

In June 2017, we held our Annual Dance Competition.  All of the children performed brilliantly!

Athletics Tournament

In June 2017, a number of our children went to St Andrew's Primary in Blantyre to represent Sir Harry's at the annual Athletics Tournament. 

Cross Country Run

In June 2017, we took a large group of children to Hillview to take part in the Annual International Schools Cross Country Run.  All of our children showed great determination.

Secondary Football with the Mums!

In April 2017, our Mums team joined the Secondary Class for an end of term football match.  Everyone had lots of fun! 

Netball for Mums

At Sir Harry's, as well as having a children's netball team, we also have a Mums' team!  In December 2016, they played their first match against 'City Centre' at the Gymkhana Club.  It was a very close game and they only lost by two points!  The score was 24-22.