Class Teacher - Miss Knott

Teaching Assistant - Catherine

Term 3 Newsletter and Timetable
Malumbe Curriculum newsletter Term 3 202
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In term two our key text will be The Time Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess by Julia Jarman. We will do drama and reading comprehension exercises based on the book. For writing, we will produce non-fiction texts and newspaper articles. We will also have a go at writing our own time travelling adventure stories.


We have begun the term by learning about fractions. We are using a range of practical equipment and representations of fractions to help understand how to find equivalents and compare the size of different fractions. We will learn to calculate with fractions including adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with fractions. 

Later we will learn more about decimal numbers and percentages and how they relate to what we know already about fractions. Throughout it all we will continue to apply our knowledge to problem solving questions.


After lots of biology last term, this term will focus on physics. First we will explore light including how it travels and how we see. After half term, we will learn about different forces and improve our scientific skills through planning and carrying out different experiments.


In our ICT lessons we will learn programming skills primarily through using Scratch. We willprogramme and play some simple computer games and tie them in with our knowledge about Ancient Egypt from topic lessons.

In the pictures, you can see our very first experiment into coding using Hour of Code online.


This term we will learn about Ancient Egypt. Each student will research and produce a project covering many different areas of life in Ancient Egypt which will be presented to the other classes at the end of term. 

We will also look at the importance of the River Nile and how it has effected where settlements have been built. We will further develop map reading skills looking at grid references and map symbols.

Religious Education

We are studying Sikhism looking at different beliefs, places of worship and celebrations.


We will do some 3d modelling using clay and further develop our work with printing techniques.

Swimming And Sports

Working in groups, we will continue to develop swimming skills and build up speed and stamina by improving technique.

Past events from Malumbe Class

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Blantyre Chichiri Museum and Phoenix School Visit, March 2019

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