Class Teacher - Miss Knott

Teaching Assistant - Catherine

Term 2 Newsletter and Timetable
Malumbe Curriculum Newsletter Term 2.pdf
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For our second term, we will read The Firework-Maker's Daughter by Phillip Pullman. Based on this we will write character descriptions, look at figurative language and write a chapter of an adventure story. We will use lots of drama to build vocabulary and develop ideas. We will use the text 'Escape from Pompei to develop our descriptive writing skills. 


In term 2 we will focus on fraction work putting the number work from the first term into practice. We will use concrete materials to consolidate our understanding of fractions and will learn to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages as well as to calculate using fractions. We will also do some work on geometry focusing on the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, measuring, drawing and calculating angles using protractors and translating and reflecting shapes. 


This term we will be focussing on biological sciences. We will learn about evolution.


For the first half term our topic is Extreme Earth. We will learn about extreme natural phenomenon and the effect this has on people.

In term 2 we will study the Mayans and Aztecs discovering how they lived and making comparisons across the different cultures.

Religious Education

We will be studying Judaism and learning about the Jewish Holy texts, places of worship and main beliefs. We will start to consider the similarities and differences between Judaism and some other major world religions. 


We will be making Aztec inspired 3d masks and then use a range of sculpture techniques to create statues.


Working in groups, we will continue to develop swimming skills and build up speed and stamina by improving technique.

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