Class Teacher - Miss Knott

Teaching Assistant - Catherine

Term 3 Newsletter and Timetable
Malumbe Curriculum newsletter Term 3 202
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In term three our class txt is Wonder by R.J. Palacio. This fascinating book looks at events from several different viewpoints and really helps the students develop their empathy and inference skills. Based on the book the students will attempt to write a story from different characters' perspectives. 


During this term they will also write and perform a speech in our House speech competition. 



In term three all of the number, fraction and calculation work they have been learning this year will be put into practice in practical activities and problem solving scenarios. They will learn about angles in geometry and learn new skills using the four quadrants of the coordinate grid. 


We will continue to focus on strong mental maths skills to help in all areas of maths learning. 


In science we will conduct more experiments related to forces. They will learn about gravity, air resistance, friction and how pulleys and levers can be used to ease loads. 


Afterwards, we will learn about life cycles of different plants and animals. 


In our ICT lessons we will continue with some coding activities using scratch. 


Students will also learn about different software packages such as Microsoft office and how to use the features to present work. 


In term 3 the students will learn about mountains including using atlases and maps to locate different mountain ranges. They will learn about physical features of mountains and how different types of mountains are formed. They will also experiment with how contour lines are used on maps to show how steep mountains are. 


In the second half term, they will learn about the history of Benin. They will look at different artefacts and consider how these give clues to us about what life was like in Benin. 

Religious Education

We are studying Christianity looking at different beliefs, places of worship and celebrations.


We will look at plants and animals making some observational drawings and using patterns found in nature to inspire our own original designs. 

Swimming And Sports

In term 3 the students will practise football skills and also do some athletics and gymnastics in place of the swimming. 

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