Class Teacher - Miss Knott

Teaching Assistant - Catherine

Term 3 Newsletter and Timetable
Malumbe Curriculum Newsletter Term 3.pdf
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This term we have been reading When hitler Stole Pink Rabbit  by Juddith Kerr which ties onto our theme of conflict and resolution. We have done some character analysis and written from different viewpoints. In addition, we are developing our narrative and formal writing styles with a weekly free writing session.


This term on maths we have been consolidating our understanding of fractions and decimals. We are tackling lots of problem solving challenges incorporating all we have learned so far. We have also worked on shape and measure including measuring around different parts of the school and calculating area.


This term we are studying materials and then learning about electricity. We have done lots of practical work as well as learning the theory behind it.


We are looking at the two world wars as part of our conflict and resolution topic. We have looked at different sources of information and worked on our chronological knowledge and forming opinions based on the evidence.

Religious Education

We are studying Hinduism looking at different beliefs, places of worship and celebrations.


We have been working on watercolour techniques to create landscapes. We will also update pur sewing skills in a second world war themed project.

Swimming And Sports

Working in groups, we will continue to develop swimming skills and build up speed and stamina by improving technique.

Past events from Malumbe Class

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