Class Teacher - Mr Doney

Teaching Assistant - Chifundo

Term 3 Newsletter and Timetable
Chagwa Curriculum Newsletter Term 3.pdf
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It's the final term of the school year but we're not stopping the work!

We're going to start off with some persuasive writing, then move on to explanations. We'll finish with stories set in the past and look at adding small details., then poetry.


Our Maths focuses are fractions and decimals, then moving onto shape, space, measure and data handling. We're hoping to be able to use the computers to help us present data.


Topic Work: science and history

In Science we will be learning about electricity. We'll make and change circuits adding additional power cells, bulbs and even buzzers. We will also use switches and learn about conductors and insulators to fill breaks in circuits.


Our history (after half term) relates to Conflict and Resolution. We'll look at some of the main causes and effects of World War 2, some of the events and how the war finished.



We're continuing to work on swimming skills. Almost every child in the class can now swim a whole width, and those that can't are very close!

We're also learning netball skills. The basics of team games are important to help us learn to work together and to think about how we can act to support team members. We're also learning throwing skills (for passing and shooting), catching skills and marking and movement.


This term's art is sewing and embroidery, which will link into a DT project where we'll adapt and improve an item of clothing.

After half term we'll return to drawing and painting skills.


We're getting a chance to use the computers this term, so we're going to do loads of work improving our skills. We'll look at word processing, manipulating texts and images, then hopefully do some programming. We'll finish by using PowerPoint to present some information.