Class Teacher - Mr Doney

Teaching Assistant - Chifundo

Term 3 Curriculum Newsletter
Chagwa Curriculum newsletter term 3 2020
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Chagwa have had a very exciting 2nd term. Come and take a look at what we have been up to!

Chagwa are continuing to participate in the 'daily mile'. This will help our overall fitness for swimming and sports and it will also help us to be more alert in class. In swimming, we are working towards our school awards and we are helping our new students to be more confident in the water!



Each morning, every child practices their spellings and handwriting and this is helping us to extend our vocabulary and make our writing more interesting.


We have explored the key features of newspaper articles. We put our journalism skills to the test when we wrote our own newspaper reports based on real life events. 


We have also been reading Greek myths as they are relevant to our ancient Greece topic. Students from Chagwa acted out parts of 'Theseus and the Minotaur', created their own version and at the end of this half term, they will plan and write their own Greek style myths!


Once a term, Key stage 1 and 2 take part in a 'Big Write'. The day begins with a writing stimulus and the children create some wonderful writing from it. Below are some photos of this term's 'Big Write' debrief, where different age groups read and share each others work.


In Maths, Chagwa class have been learning about multiplication and division We have used a variety of resources such as place value counters, base ten and beans to help us understand different methods of multiplication. 

Each week in Chagwa class, every child attempts mental maths questions related to the four operations + - x ÷ and if they complete all of them in under ten minutes, they either move up a ladder or across a race track!


DT Day

DT day this term was textile focused and the theme was 'footwear'. Chagwa class designed, made and decorated their own baby shoes. Some of the children learnt to sew for the first time and we had some professional tailors already in our class! It was a lot of fun and we were really proud of the final results!