Class Teacher - Miss Abberton

Teaching Assistant - Miss Mavis

Term 2 Timetable
Chagwa Timetable Term 2.docx
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Term 2 Curriculum Newsletter
Chagwa Curriculum Newsletter Term 2 2018
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Chagwa would like you welcome you back to a new term! We have plenty of exciting events coming up this term including our class assembly!



In Literacy lessons, Chagwa class have created their own fictional creatures. Our aim is to plan, draft, edit and improve a non-chronological report on our creatures. The children have really let their creativity flow, coming up with some of the most interesting species! We are remembering our karate punctuation from last term, and we are practising writing in paragraphs, with more exciting vocabulary than ever before!

We are using our literacy working wall to help us to track our learning journey, and more recently we have used ICT to help us with vocabulary (by using online dictionaries and thesauruses).


In Maths, Chagwa class are focusing on multiplication and division. We are using the maths working wall to help us consider different ways to arrive at the correct answers. Using concrete and pictorial resources, we are multiplying numbers with up to two digits. We are continuing to practise our times tables every day through various games, songs or mini-challenges. In the classroom, we have created a ladder for our timestables, and a race track for our number bonds, addition and subtraction challenges. Twice a week, we will all participate in a timed challenge and try to beat our personal best. If we manage to answer our questions in less than 4 minutes, we will move either up the ladder or across the race track. Chagwa have been very supportive of each other in trying to improve their mental maths skills.



In Science, Chagwa are learning about their new topic 'Space'. We have had some outdoor learning to think about the size of the solar system, to learn more about the different planets, and to understand facts about the earth, the sun and the moon. In art, we have made paintings of the solar system. 

DT Day


For DT day, Chagwa designed and made their own reusable bags. Chagwa are passionate about helping to save the planet by reducing their use of plastic. They have researched the damaging effects of single use plastic on wildlife and decided to make something that they could take to the market instead of using a new bag each time. They put their sewing and concentration skills to the test and the result was very successful!