Class Teacher - Miss Abberton

Teaching Assistant - Miss Mavis

Term 2 Timetable
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Term 2 Curriculum Newsletter
Chagwa Curriculum Newsletter Term 2 2018
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In Literacy lessons, Chagwa class are reading 'The BFG' by Roald Dahl. We are planning to write, edit and improve our own newspaper articles related to the story, with a focus on punctuation (including speech marks) and paragraphs. We often use our karate punctuation to remind ourselves of capital letters, full stops and commas.


We are using our literacy working wall to help us to track our learning journey, from planning, to drafting and editing and to remind ourselves of the key features and tricky spellings! Chagwa are working hard to ensure that the presentation of their writing is neat and tidy across all curriculum subjects.


For Maths, Chagwa class are consolidating place value of up to 4 digit numbers. We are using the maths working wall to help us consider different ways to arrive at the correct answers. Once we are fully confident with place value, we can move onto addition and subtraction of numbers with up to 4 digits.

Scientific Investigations

Chagwa class have been learning about states of matter, so we have been experimenting with solids, liquids and gases. For our first science experiment, the class made predictions on what would happen to ice, butter and chocolate when we melt them. We discovered that these solids turned to liquids when heated!


Class Camping Trip to Hotel Masongola

The topic theme this term is 'The History of Sir Harry's'. In line with this, the year 3/4 residential will be a camping trip to Hotel Masongola, where the children will learn more about the history of Zomba through a guided tour. The trip will also include a visit to the botanical gardens. The residential will take place in October. Chagwa class are very excited!