Class Teacher - Mr Doney

Teaching Assistant - Chifundo

Term 2 Newsletter and Timetable
Chagwa Curriculum Newsletter Term 2.pdf
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Hello everyone.

Even with the recent closure, we made sure we did lots of brilliant work online. Getting back into class was lots better though, and we've had some exciting activities since then.


This term we're writing adventure stories set long ago. We are basing the learning on a shortened version of The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle.

We've written character studies, letters and diaries and started writing stories in chapters! There are lots of brilliant ideas that have come from the story and from our adventure day where we went exploring. The class are using a range of exciting adjectives, investigating with sentence starts and trying to use paragraphs to separate ideas.


In Maths, our big focuses have been multiplication (and related division) and fractions. All pupils are able to read fractions and understand what they mean. We use the words denominator (the bottom bit), numerator (the top number), unit fraction (a fraction with 1 as the numberator) and non-unit fraction.

We've started to add and subtract fractions now. We are finding that our multiplication and division skills really help.


Topic Work: science, history and geography.

Topics this term that have been studied are The digestive System (Science) and Aztecs (History). Although all of the Aztecs work was completed online, there were some brilliant pieces of work, and we even got a little bit of art done before schools closed. In Science, the pupils all know the various parts of the Digestive System and can explain what various parts do.

We have moved on to Sound in Science, where we're finding out about the various vibrations in the air that allow us to hear things, and we had a fantastic investigations afternoon.

In Geography we will find out about the Extreme Earth: how weather affects humans, and about the dangers posed by volcanos, earthquakes and tsunamis.



We're continuing to work on swimming skills. Almost every child in the class can now swim a whole width, and those that can't are very close!

We're also learning netball skills. The basics of team games are important to help us learn to work together and to think about how we can act to support team members. We're also learning throwing skills (for passing and shooting), catching skills and marking and movement.