Class Teacher - Miss Abberton

Teaching Assistant - Caroline

Term 1 Timetable
Year 3 4 Timetable 2019 T1.docx
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Term 1 Curriculum Newsletter
Year 3 4 Curriculum newsletter term 1 20
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Chagwa have had a very exciting term so far. Come and take a look at what we have been up to!



In Literacy lessons, Chagwa have been creating character descriptions in preparation for our short stories. We have learnt about similes and metaphors and we are putting them into our writing. We are focusing on prefixes and suffixes with our weekly spelling tests! Our handwriting is improving every week and we are encouraging each other to keep our presentation to a high standard across all subjects.

We are continuing to read in different places with different people!


In Maths, Chagwa class have moved on from fractions and are now focusing on measurement. We are looking at time, length, mass and volume. We are continuing to use concrete and pictorial materials to help with our calculations as well as bar modelling. Our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills from the previous terms are proving helpful when working out worded problems.

Each week in Chagwa class, every child attempts mental maths questions related to the four operations + - x ÷ and if they complete all of them in under ten minutes, they either move up a ladder or across a race track! 



Our topic this term is 'Stone Age through to Ice age' and we are learning what life was like as a hunter gatherer. We will be making cross curricular links with this topic to literacy, science and art. So far, Chagwa have been to the forest with Malumbe class to build their own stone age shelters! We have also written a diary entry of a stone age child and created our own cave paintings!