Class Teacher - Miss Abberton

Teaching Assistant - Caroline

Term 2 Timetable
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Term 2 Curriculum Newsletter
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Chagwa have had a very exciting term so far. Come and take a look at what we have been up to!

At least three times a week, Chagwa are joining the school in running a 'daily mile'. This will help our overall fitness for swimming and sports and it will also help us to be more alert in class.



In Literacy lessons, Chagwa have been learning about words with prefixes and suffixes. They are working towards improving their vocabulary and spelling. Each morning, every child practices their spellings and handwriting and this has already helped us to improve.


We plan to write our own fantasy fiction stories, and our audience will be Nawimbe class. We have started by looking at the key features of narrative writing. We have discussed purpose for writing, audience and different types of stories.


Chagwa are trying to remember to check their punctuation. We are learning how to edit and improve our own writing and use karate punctuation to help with this.


In Maths, Chagwa class have been learning about place value. We have used a variety of resources to help us understand thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. We are looking at part whole models, and sharing methods on how to figure out 1000, 100, 10 and 1 less or more than a number.

Each week in Chagwa class, every child attempts mental maths questions related to the four operations + - x ÷ and if they complete all of them in under ten minutes, they either move up a ladder or across a race track! 



Our topic this term is 'Water', and we have already learnt about the water cycle. There were some excellent suggestions in class about how water is vital to human life but how it can also cause harm and do damage to humans and the world. 


For science, we have been looking at forces and magnets. We are using practical investigations to understand magnetic fields, friction and gravity. We have even tried some outdoor learning!

Chagwa Class Residential


Next month, Chagwa class will go on a Zomba adventure to learn all about our topic and to become more independent! Watch this space to see photos and to hear all about the stories from our upcoming trip!