Class Teacher - Mr Doney

Teaching Assistant - Caroline

Term 1 Newsletter and Timetable
Chagwa Curriculum Newsletter Term 1.pdf
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There has been a small change to the timetable: swimming is now on Monday and Wednesday due to Mr Miller having to reorganise his teaching week. PE is still on Thursday afternoon.


This term, to fit the theme of nature, we have looked at 2 books: The Last Tree by Emily Haworth-Booth and Fire on Kapirintiwa by Steve Chimombo. We have written stories, poems and descriptions of animals and increased our word and sentence writing skills.

After half term we will be changing to non-fiction writing and looking at creating non-chronological reports.


The Maths focus this term is place value and number, with work on looking at the value of numbers, manipulating numbers and then addition and subtraction skills. We also have started our weekly multiplicaton tables tests and have daily Mental Maths sessions focussing on increasing quick recall of number skills. 

Topic Work: science and history

In Science have worked on lots of biology, including classifying animals and looking at diversity in plants. After the half term holiday we move onto more biology including nutrition and skeletons. 


Our history (after half term) is all about Crime and Punishment and how it has changed through time. We will write reports based on our findings.



Mr Miller is working on swimming skills. Almost every child in the class can now swim a whole width, and those that can't are very close!

With coach Dan, the class are learning hockey skills and how to be part of a team.


Art has focussed on drawing and painting skills. We have been doing observational drawings of leaves and using the watercolours to carefully mix paint and apply it to paper.

We're moving on to landscapes after half term and will be creating images from observation and imagination that include mountains.


We have learnt about safety when using the internet this half term, and the pupils are able to explain how they can stay safe when using various websites. This will become increasingly important as they grow older.

After the short break we will use the computers to type and change documents and to add different elements including images.


This year we're learning both French and Chichewa.

In French we're learning songs and rhymes as well as how to count to 20.

Caroline is teaching traditional stories and the pupils are writing about the stories they've heard.

A Visit from Petal

Petal from Zomba Forest Lodge came to see us to talk about trees. She told us all about trees on the platueau and how deforestation is affecting all of us.

We collected leaves and seeds and discussed how there are many different sorts, and counted rings on fallen trees to see how old they are.

World Book Week

It's been World Book Week with the theme Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds. We've done lots of exciting things including a book hunt, drop everything and read, had a talk from Prof. Chimombo, the widow of Steve Chimombo and a sale of books to raise money for new atlases and dictionaries. We also dressed as our favourite characters.