Class Teacher - Mrs Ju-Koningswoud

Teaching Assistant - Caroline

Term 3 Timetable
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Term 3 Curriculum Newsletter
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This term in literacy we have moved on to writing simple sentences.  Children have been using their knowledge of phonics to make attempts at writing words. We are becoming masters of 'the sentence' as we are studying the golden rules of sentence writing.  Children are encouraged to use a wide range of materials in school to practise writing (the messier the better) which is certainly paying off when it comes to their written work.  As astronauts this term, we have mastered the art of writing upside down too!  We also know that the foundation of good writing is reading and so we adopt a book-loving ethos in our classroom, making sure that we have free reading time as well as our one to one reading sessions every week.


We have continued working on number this term. We have studied addition and subtraction on a deeper level and have even begun to write number sentences to show our working. This term we have also been gathering data and analysing it through small investigations. We are also recapping shape through various games, songs and activities. As well as this we will also be looking at counting in 2s and 5s to prepare the children for the times tables they will be learning later in school life.

Across the curriculum

This term children will now be expected to do some independent work in order to prepare them for moving up to year 1 in September. Instead of having free choice straight after adult-led activities, children will be expected to complete a task (maths, writing or creative) at the independent table where they can only ask their peers for help. This should encourage them to work more collaboratively and have less dependence on an adult to lead them. We of course still have weekly P.E. , music and movement,  and Chichewa  lessons all add to our fun learning schedule!

 There are always fun activities and opportunities for  learning through creative play