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16th March 2018


Dear Parents/Carers


Star of the Week/Headteacher Awards



Shu Yu Ye


Watipatsa Malata


Marthinus Scheepers


Alayna Arab


Abel Matope


James Kalimbe

Year 7/8

Jiseung Kim

Year 9

Adam Thompson





Welcome to new children


We are pleased to welcome Uthaymeen Omar to our Reception Class at  Sir Harry’s.  We hope he enjoys his time with us.



This Week:


Year 5 to 9 First Aid Demonstration


Years 5 to 9 were taught some first aid techniques by a visiting doctor.


Netball Match against Mponda School


Our Netball Team enjoyed playing a match against Mponda School.


Internet Safety Meeting for Parents


We hope the parents who attended our Internet Safety Meeting found it useful.


Year 2 Trip to Maluwa Village


Year 2 enjoyed their visit to Maluwa Village.  They learnt about growing crops and rearing animals.


Primary Inter Schools Maths Olympiad


Six of our Year 5/6 children took part in a maths competition at St Andrew’s Primary School.


Primary Inter Schools Netball and Tag Rugby – TOMORROW 7am


Tomorrow we will be hosting the Association of International Malawi Schools (AIMS) Netball and Tag Rugby Tournament. We would be grateful if parents could bake a cake to be sold at this event.  We are very grateful to Donna’s Eggs for sponsoring the event.



Next Week:


Year 2 watching a play at SAIPS – Tuesday 20th March 7am


Next Tuesday Nawimbe Class will be visiting St Andrew’s Primary to watch their KS1 Play.


Secondary Parent Consultations – Tuesday 20th March 3:30 to 5:30pm


Also, on Tuesday we have the second of our Secondary Parent Consultations.   This will be a chance for parents to meet with their child’s specialist teachers.


Music Night – Friday 23rd March 5pm


Music Night will be taking place next Friday and we hope to have a variety of acts from both children and adults.  If you would like to sing a song or play an instrument, please sign up on the list outside the office.  Anzathu will be selling burgers and drinks.



Key Dates:


17th March

7am Primary Inter Schools Netball and Tag Rugby – Sir Harry’s

26th March

11am Secondary Multi Skills Sports Festival

20th March

8:30am Year 2 watching a play at SAIPS

3:30 – 5:30pm Secondary Parent Consultations

28th March

6pm KS1 Play

23rd March

5pm Music Night

29th March

End of Term

11am Finish





As always if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely, James Elford (Headteacher)