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19th May 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,

Star of the Week/Headteacher Awards



Kuwala Makaula


Deedat Chikowe


Elyneema Geofrey


Rehan Motani


Erwann Zammit


Wandpatsa Kaphuka

Year 7/8

Randy Galafa


This Week:


School Council Shine Trip


The School Council enjoyed visiting the Shine Centre to find out how the money raised from our Christmas Fair was used.


Pre-Nursery Class Assembly


Well done to Pre-Nursery on a fabulous Class Assembly.  Thank you to all the parents who came along to watch.


Football Tournament – Saturday 20th May


Tomorrow we will be taking a group of children to Hillview Primary in Blantyre to represent Sir Harry’s at the annual Football Tournament.  We wish them good luck!


Next Week:


Mrs Juma – Parent Consultations – Tuesday 23rd May (2pm-4pm) and Wednesday 24th May (4pm-6pm)


Next Tuesday and Wednesday, Mrs Juma will be holding Parent Consultation Meetings.  This will give parents the opportunity to discuss their children’s progress with her before she starts her maternity leave.


Design Technology Day


Next Wednesday will be this term’s Design Technology Day.  Each class will be undertaking a project linked to vehicles.  If any parents are able to help out, please speak to your child’s teacher.


Annual General Meeting/ Chinese Performance/Art Exhibition 5:30pm


On Thursday (25th May) we will be holding our Annual General Meeting at 5:30pm.  This is an important meeting where we will update you on our achievements this year and elect new Board Members.  Our Secondary Class will be performing a short play on an event from Chinese history  at the start of the meeting.  There will also be an exhibition of the children’s art work.  Please join us. Free childcare will be available. 


Y5/6 Zomba Plateau Walk


Next Friday Malumbe Class will be going for a walk on Zomba Plateau, in preparation for their Mulanje Trip.


Chinese Festival at Chanco 3pm – 4:30pm


Next Saturday, Years 5 to 8 will be performing in the Chinese Festival at Chancellor College.  Please come along and enjoy the performance.


Anzathu Update


Thank you to everyone who came along to Sir Harry’s first Bingo Night!  It was lots of fun.


Dads Football


Our Dads Football has now changed to Thursdays at 4pm.  New members are very welcome!


Key Dates


20th May

23rd May

24th May


25th May


26th May

27th May

29th - 31st May

1st – 2nd June

7th June

8th June

9th – 10th June



Football Tournament – Hillview

Mrs Juma - Parent Consultations 2pm – 4pm

Design Technology Day

Mrs Juma - Parent Consultations 4pm – 6pm

Annual General Meeting, Chinese Performance and Art Exhibition 5:30pm

Y5/6 Zomba Plateau Walk

Chinese Festival at Chanco 3pm – 4:30pm

Mini Maths Week

Half Term

House Speech Competition 11am

Cross Country – Hillview

Athletics – SAIPS


13th June

14th June

15th June

15th – 16th June

20th – 22nd June

20th June

23rd June

28th June


29th June

4th July

5th July

Y7/8 Shakespeare Performance 6pm

Mrs Chisale - Parent  Consultations 2 – 4pm

Mrs Chisale - Parent Consultations 4 – 6pm

Y5/6 Mulanje Residential

Y7/8 Farm Residential

Speech Competition – SAIPS

Sir Harry’s Got Talent 5pm

Parent meeting for children joining Reception Class 5:30pm

House Dance 11am

Year 6 Dinner 5pm

Year 6 Assembly 7:30am

End of term 11am finish


 As always if you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely, James Elford (Headteacher)